Dr. Rewqust and his Researchers are Mad Scientists!


Greetings Coteries in the Milky Way, it’s J.A. Ireland,

There’s been a lot of disturbing news from Dr. Rewqust and Qashlet lab recently. The words, Mad Scientists, are being used again in an article by Veem Weazan of The Wet Lands News. It seems, Xuro Qashlet and his team of scientists are unconcerned about the consequences of their genetic code modifying experiments. I’ll let you read this alarming article.

Dr. Rewqust and his Researchers are Mad Scientists!

The Wet Lands News:

The Secret Room In Qashlet Lab

The Secret Room In Qashlet Lab

Dr. Rewqust and his team of researchers are reportedly engaging in numerous experiments involving genetic code modification and have been for some time. It has been reported to us that Xuro Qashlet, the owner of Qashlet lab, his instructed his team of unethical and unscrupulous scientists to do whatever is necessary to further their horrific research into genetic code restructuring.  It would seem Mr. Qashlet sees monetary advantage in this pursuit. Their frightening work is under the umbrella of improving hatchling counts, which all Sesleans need.  All coteries are plagued by low hatchling yields—some more severely than others.

By means of DNA gene modifications, the lab is experimenting on un-hatched embryos.  It is believed that the lab is attempting to alter the genetic code chain of embryos causing a new creation or frightening mutation.  There have been reports of mutated embryos hatching while assuming grotesque forms. These horrific, mutated embryos don’t live long.  “Many citizens fear these radical experiments will become a reality.”  There are reports that these mutants are already surviving.  If that’s true, they could become horrific criminals or worse, they could become mutated zombies, or grotesquely disfigured cannibals.  What will we do then?

Inside Qashlet Lab

Inside Qashlet Lab

This reporter doesn’t have to remind anyone of the effects of genetic restructuring when it comes to the sea doxer.  Many wet landers are concerned that these experiments are having a similar result.  As we all know, the many Sesleans that have mutated due to doxer fever are frightening, grotesque mutants and are confined to mental hospitals or asylums.  Will Qashlet Lab produce evil, horrific mutants that our asylums and hospitals cannot control?  Will they create mutants that attack and eat Sesleans?  This reporter is fearful.

This leads me to my final question that many coteries are asking.  Are Dr. Rewqust and his team of scientists mutating embryos for profit without concern?  Thus creating a more frightening and horrifying strain of mutants that our society cannot control?  Are Dr. Rewqust and his scientists a team of mad scientists?  Concerned citizens want to know.  I want to know?

Written by Veem Weazan

J. A. again; there you have it. Many citizens of the wet lands and the desert are concerned about what the scientists at Qashlet lab might be creating. Rumors have circulated for years about a secret room where Rewqust performs genetic code experiments; this room has never been seen be anyone.

It is mine, as well as other’s belief that the Gang of Five, the heinous mutant group with super intelligence, is a product of the mutation; possibly created in the secret room?

I’ll keep you informed of further developments. Until we talk again.

May good fortune guide your path.

J.A. Ireland

Excerpt From; The Unthinkable Duo of Justice


Greetings from Kinkorx; it’s J. A. Ireland,

Many people of Earth downloaded my novel, The Dunjyn Asylum Escape, during the giveaway; thank you to all who did. I hope my book brings you hours of reading enjoyment. You will discover just how self-sacrificing Maxx Zeqster really is. And how Sesla rewards him because of his willingness to sacrifice his own life for a friend.

In this letter, I’m inserting  one of many very difficult times in Maxx’s childhood.  This small segment is from, The Unthinkable Duo of Justice.

Maxx is working on a case. He visited Police Chief Zog Morxoc, of the Kinkorx Police Department. Now, he’s on his way to the Kinkorx Medical School to continue the investigation.

The segment begins.***

Slide1He smiled again as he drove. “Now that I have the approval of Chief Morxoc, it’s time to visit the Kinkorx Medical School.”

As he drove in the direction of the school, his mind flashed to a painful scene from his youth. Maxx was in the sixth grade, in Mrs. HyLubb’s class. “My science report is on Seslean Astronomy,” Young Maxx said nervously as he stood before the class.

Mrs. HyLubb nodded her approval. “Proceed.”

He took a deep breath as he nervously began his oral report. “The galaxy where the Croster Slux Solar System spirals is the Whirlpool Galaxy. The solar system where our planet spirals is the Croster Slux Solar System. The planet we live on is known as Sesla.”

He paused briefly to regain his anxious breathe and stabilize his wobbling legs. He took a deep breath before continuing. “The Whirlpool Galaxy, where the Croster Slux Solar System spirals inside and Sesla spirals within it, is much brighter than the Milky Way Galaxy. It’s also 23.5 million light years away from the Milky Way. The planet Sesla revolves around the sun. The sun gives us light and heat.”

Again, he paused to regain his depleting breath while attempting to control his nervous shaking. He took another deep breath, and continued. “Sesla is the fifth planet from the sun. In addition, on a proper night, with the use of an advanced telescope, we can see the Milky Way Galaxy.” He was out of breath and trembling as he finished his report. He terrifyingly listened as Mrs. HyLubb began her critique.

“Well Maxx, I’m not sure where to begin,” Mrs. HyLubb said with a demeaning frown. “Although your report was interesting, I’m afraid it wasn’t ready to present. There were several errors in structure, as well as grammar. You also left out many very important facts.” She sighed. “I will include my comments on your evaluation. Please be seated.” She glared at him with her usual, “I’m very disappointed in you,” glare.

He walked disgracefully to his desk. As he shamefully trudged, his fellow classmates laughed at him.

Suddenly Maxx’s thoughts returned to the present as he drove toward the medical school. He smiled with a conquering smirk. “I have a very special painting that I created just for you, Mrs. HyLubb.” As he drove toward Leqtus Kin’s employer, he remembered the reporters… Segment ends.

It’s J.A. again. I chose this segment to further define Maxx Zeqster. He and I are lifelong friends therefore, I know him well.  This is another example of the adversities he has overcame in his life to become the incredible detective that he is today.

Thanks again for downloading my novel. I hope you enjoy it.

May good fortune guide your path,

J.A. Ireland

Next Novel Giveaway Day Coming Soon


Dear SciFi fans,

I’d like to begin by thanking everyone who tunes in to my blogs; whether this one or my other at https://jairelandsesla.wordpress.com/. I’d also like to thank everyone who has read one or all of my books; I hope you’ve enjoyed them.

It has been a joy to create Maxx Zeqster and Sesla…The Enchanted Planet, and a pleasure to write my Maxx Zeqster Creepy Cases series.

It is an honor to have occasional novel giveaway days when I offer free downloads of my books. Soon, I’ll offer The Dunjyn Asylum Escape for a day of free downloads. Stay tuned to my blogs for the exact day.

The Dunjyn Asylum Escape

The Dunjyn Asylum Escape on Kindle

Here’s an excerpt from my book; Rydon Nekuma, the sailor and Pirtt-Coterie is ill and has admitted himself into the hospital at Tos-Xiron—the sea village on Sesla.


Morning; Thirteen Days Ago

Dr. Zewio entered Rydon Nekuma’s room. “How are you feeling?” he asked as he reviewed the charts.

Rydon painfully replied from his hospital bed, “A little better. Last night was scary. I don’t know what’s wrong with me.”

Dr. Zewio replied, “Your fever was very high last night. It is lower today. How is your rash? Let me have a look.” He rolled back Rydon’s blanket. “Your rash is a little better. It isn’t as red as was reported last night. It seems to cover both of your hands, arms, and much of your torso.” He paused to check the charts again. “How did you acquire doxer fever?” he asked.

Rydon was shocked as he stated, “That’s impossible! I don’t have doxer fever.” Suddenly he remembered the storm. “While being distracted by a storm and my financial concerns, I unloaded the fish and doxers from my boat without my gloves. The doxer’s ridged dorsal fins stabbed me several times on both of my hands. I didn’t even notice. I was so distracted,” he said as a panic began. He looked at Dr. Zewio with horror. “Am I going to mutate?” he asked as he trembled.

Dr. Zewio replied, “At this point, I couldn’t say. Doxer fever is a little different for each patient. When did you encounter the doxers?”

Rydon replied as he trembled from fear, “Maybe two weeks ago. I’m not really sure.”

Dr. Zewio was surprised as he replied, “Usually the doxer’s venom reacts much faster than that. With many victims, it’s instantaneous. Your symptoms are developing much slower than usual.”

Rydon replied as he trembled, “I had a small case of doxer fever once before. I only got a small rash. It was nothing.”

“That could explain it. You might have some resistance to the doxer’s venom,” he said with hope.

Rydon looked hopeful as well. “Do you think that will help? Do you think that will stop me from mutating?” he asked as he trembled.

Dr. Zewio responded, “Only time will tell. For now, I’m going to keep you one more day and continue with the medications that I have you on. Your symptoms should go into remission, at least for a while. Again, only time will tell.”

Terror gripped him as he said, “You mean, I’m going to be sick again?”

Dr. Zewio replied, “I’m afraid that’s the nature of doxer fever. The symptoms seem to repeat. We will get you feeling better and send you home.” He quickly exited the room.

Instantly, he recalled Lyndi’s doxer fever. He thought, “Her condition has slowly progressed to the point that she is in Dunjyn Asylum.” He was horrified. He began to imagine and fear the horrific possibilities of his mutations…


What kind of situation is Rydon in? What is doxer fever? Just how disgusting is a doxer fever asylum? Read my books and see.

My giveaway is in a few days. Stay tuned to my blogs and twitter for the exact day. Thanks for tuning in. J. A. Ireland.

Kinkorx Horned Hares Chasing Another Mesnuk Championship


Greetings from Sesla,

Cloudy sky Over Kinkorx

Cloudy Sky Over Kinkorx

I’m J.A. Ireland. I’m sitting at my desk in beautiful downtown Kinkorx while writing my column for the newspapers. It’s an unusually cloudy day. The Kinkorx TV Weather girl, May Willowman, called for rain later this morning. From the looks of the sky, maybe she’s right. It’s been a while since we’ve had rain in this part of the desert. Everything needs water; our reservoirs are a bit low as well.

My column today is about the Kinkorx Horned Hares. As you may know, I follow our local mesnuk team closely and co-announce  home games regularly. It’s always fun to work with Derrix Weyd, Kinkorx TV Sports Anchor. He’s the official voice of the Kinkorx Horned Hares and announces all their games. Stin Gismurr, Kinkorx TV program director, is always there to insure to the quality of the broadcast.

Now that “The Set of Games” has concluded and we’re in “It’s the Rallies” the Horned Hares are chasing another Sesla Mesnuk Championship.

The Mesnuk Stadium Downtown in Kinkorx

The Mesnuk Stadium Downtown in Kinkorx

Since Jeqrix Grexenn, the desert furniture giant, purchased the team several years ago, the hares are vastly improved. They’ve even won a Sesla Championship. What a moment that was? I was there and co-announced that game; it was thrilling. In a last minute victory, the hares defeated the Guytic City Fighting Tobacco Farmers. Billionaire owner of the tobaccos, Xuro Qashlet, looked none too happy. His enormous payroll athletes couldn’t overcome the determination of the new, and driven with will-power players for Mr. Grexenn’s team.

Kinkorx Horned Hares Sesla Mesnuk Champions

Kinkorx Horned Hares Sesla Mesnuk Champions

Moments after that game, lines began forming inside the gift ships within the stadium. The Horned Hares memorabilia sold out so fast. I was lucky a friend of mine there stashed a mesnuk cap for me. Now that we’re in “It’s the Rallies” and the hares are in I’m wearing mine everyday to support the team.

One of Hundreds of  Beautiful Wet Lands Waterfall

One of Hundreds of Beautiful Wet Lands Waterfalls

The Hares are traveling to the wet lands and playing the Guytic City Tobacco Farmers, the defending Sesla champs. That game will be brutal—as always. Xuro Qashlet, the billionaire owner, has the highest payroll of any professional mesnuk team on Sesla. His players are the best; they’re big, fast, and strong.

I spoke with Jeqrix Grexenn recently. He’s confident the hares will be triumphant. He admitted in our brief lunch chat, that he misses Zith Fleen. He feels Zith was the most aggressive player he’s ever had on the team. If you’d like to read that story, I’ve written a novel about it. The Kinkorx Horned Hares Slasher details the tragic story.

It’s time to get back to my column. May Willowman was right—it’s raining. The plants and our reservoirs sure need the water. Until we talk again.

May good fortune guide your path,

J.A. Ireland

The Rise of The Melá-Jutis


Dear  fantasy fiction fans,

I am pleased to introduce the fifth book in my Maxx Zeqster Creepy Cases series, The Rise of The Melá-Jutis.

The Rise of The Melá-Jutis on Kindle

The Rise of The Melá-Jutis on Kindle

In this scifi thriller, we follow the story as Sesla, Detective Maxx Zeqster, and Detective Art Nekuma as they create The Melá-Jutis.

We also follow Maxx and Art as they work on their most dangerous case so far.

We learn more about Maxx’s new powers as they solve a unique crime involving collectible guns and knives. This book has some creepy scenes with spiders and scorpions. Art gets to know Mustler and the Gang of Five, along with the Joqzonions, a little too well in this book. Art’s crises will have you in tears.

The Rise of The Melá-Jutis is available on Kindle.

My entire Maxx Zeqster Creepy Cases series is available on kindle as well. Thank you for reading them.

And thank you for tuning in to my blog and reading about the characters in my series as well as my book and movie reviews.

“May good fortune guide your path”

J.A. Ireland

The Unthinkable Duo of Justice


Dear Readers,

I would like to open this letter by saying thank you to everyone who has taken the time to read blogs and my novels. It’s my plan to continue doing what I’ve come to enjoy so much. Sharing my fantasy world—Sesla, through my writings.

The Unthinkable Duo of Justice on Kindle

The Unthinkable Duo of Justice on Kindle

I’d like to share a brief synopsis of my first novel, The Unthinkable Duo Of Justice.

In this first Whirlpool Galaxy Fantasy, we join Private Detective Maxx Zeqster on a painful adventure. While investigating the missing genetic engineer, Dr. Leqtus Kin, Maxx stumbles into a case that has proven unsolvable for the local police and Police Chief Zog Morxoc. Will this case be more than Maxx can handle, as well? The local media thinks so. Witness the horror of the sea doxer and the resulting mutations. Visit the mad scientists at Qashlet Lab in the wet lands. What evil experiments are they hatching in their creepy lab?

This novel, along with my other books are available free on Kindle Unlimited.

Until we talk again.

May good fortune guide your path.

J.A. Ireland

The Lord of the Rings — The Two Towers


Dear epic adventure fans,

The Lord of the Rings — The Two TowersI have a review of the second, Lord of the Rings movie—The Two Towers.  This is a continuation of the initial, fantastic journey of Frodo Baggins.   I hope you enjoy my review of this classic movie.

The movie begins with Gandalf, “You cannot Pass! I am a servant of the Secret Fire, wielder of the flame of Anor. Go back to the Shadow. The dark fire will not avail you flame of Udūn!”  Gandalf battles the Balrog Demon from the Ancient World.

Balrog Demon from Ancient World

Samwise and Frodo are on a journey to Middle Earth. Gollum attacks them while they sleep. After subduing the mutant creature, they take him along on their journey. Gollum swears allegiance to Mr. Frodo as he orders, “You will lead us to the Black Gate.”

The movie switches to an army of Orcs. They are running. They have Merry and Pippin. The Orc leader smells man flesh. Aragorn, Gimli, and Legolas—the elf, are pursuing the Orc brigade; they are a day behind and closing.

The Orc Leader

The Orc Leader

Aragorn and team arrive in Rohan—home of the Horse-Lords. Legolas sees the Uruks—Orcs; turning northeast. “They’re taking the Hobbits to Isengard.”

Aragorn warns the villagers of the imminent war. Eothain and Freda ride from the village to Edoras to raise the alarm.

In Isengard, Sauron and Saruman are building an army of Orcs.

“The red sun rises – blood was spilled at night,” Legolas declares. They arrive in the Riddermark.

Aragorn says, “I am Aragorn-son of Arathorn, this is Gimli-son of Gloin, and this is Legolas of the Woodland Realm. We are friends of Rohan and of Théodred, your King.”

King Theordred of Rohan

Grima Wormtongue and King Théodred of Rohan

“Théodred, King of Rohan, is dying,” Eomer-son of Eomund replies.

After the brief meeting, Aragorn and team are given horses. They track the party of Uruk-hai-Orcs, westward across  the plain. Merry and Pippin escape from the Orcs into the Fangorn Forest.

In the enchanted forest, they are rescued by a tree-herder. A shepard of the forest. The Ent is called, TreeBeard.  TreeBeard promised the White Wizard, Gandalf, he would keep them safe. He takes them to Isengard.

Gandalf was sent back from the dead to finish the task. He is now, Gandalf the White. “We must journey to Edoras. War has come to Rohan,” Gandalf declares to Aragorn and his team as he appears to them. He whistles for Shadowfax—the lord of all horses.  The journey begins.

Gandalf the White and his party of Fighters

Gandalf the White and his party of Fighters

Gollum leads Frodo and Sam through the Dead Marshes to Mordor. The never ending swamp is filled with dead elves, men, and Orcs—thus the name. While in the swamp, Black Riders arrive on flying dragons. Gollum declares frightfully, “Wraiths on wings!”

Gollum leads Frodo and Sam to the Black Gate of Mordor. Frodo tells Gollum, “You’re name is Sméagol.”

Gandalf the White, along with his band of rescuers, arrived at Edoras—the Golden Hall of Meduseld.

King Théoden orders the people of Rohan to flee to Helm’s Deep—the city built in a mountain. There they can escape Saruman and the army of Orcs.

Saruman orders the Wang-riders to intercept the fleeing people of Rohan.

Sauroman - The Evil Wizard

Sauroman – The Evil Wizard and Grima Wormtongue

Pippin says while on Treebeard’s shoulders, “Saruman’s army is gathering in Mordor. The Dark One is gathering all armies to him. He has oliphaunts-giant elephants.”

The Wangs attack the Rohan people before they enter Helm’s Deep. The people survive and enter Helm’s Deep; the city built in solid rock.

Saruman is sending an army to Helm’s Deep—millions of Orc’s.

Pippin, Merry, and Treebeard are getting closer to Isengard.

Arwen, along with the other female and children elves, leave Rivendell for Valinor, before it’s too late. Elrond of Rivendell sends Elves to aid in the battle at Helm’s Deep as the  residents prepare for war.

In the darkness, the Battle of Hornburg-at Helm’s Deep begins.

At sunrise, when TreeBeard sees the trees that Saruman’s army of Orc’s cut down, he calls the Ents. They join the battle—fully expecting to perish. They use the river to flood the underground weapons factory.

Also at sunrise, Gandalf’s army joins the battle.

Battle at Helm's Deep

Battle at Helm’s Deep

After hours of fighting, during the daytime, the battle is won. Gandalf the White says, “The battle for Helm’s Deep is over. The battle for Middle-Earth is about to begin.”

Frodo and Samwise-the Brave, follow Sméagol to Mount Doom. “It’s up to us to destroy the ring,” Frodo states.

The movie ends.

This is a classic adventure. The special effects and scenery are spectacular. This longer movie is well worth the time.

I hope you like my review. Until we talk again.

May good fortune guide your path,

J.A. Ireland.