Storm Front by ABC’s Richard Castle — Book Review


Dear financial thriller  readers,

I read another novel by writer and star of ABC’s Castle, Richard Castle. The book begins in Venice, Italy. A ruggedly handsome gondolier is rowing his flat bottom boat under the Calle delle Ostreghe footbridge. He is singing as he rows the boat for his British costumer.



The gondolier is working undercover to capture his British passenger. The British Citizen is wanted  for treason. As he rowed the flat-bottom boat into the open waters of Laguna Veneta, they approached a fishing boat.  The white, fiberglass boat was operated by three men with AK-47’s. An albino on board passed his British passenger a bag.

The gondolier made his move. He quickly subdued the three men using his lethal skills. Next he subdued his British passenger.  The bag contained two million in diamonds. He called his superior. “Waste Management, this is Vito. It’s time to pick up the trash.”

“We knew we could count on you, Derrick Storm.”


The story switches to Zurich, Switzerland. The seventy year old, Wilhelm Sorenson, is with his latest young female acquaintance, a nineteen year girl old named Brigitte, in his home. His wife is gone to their chalet in the Loire Valley for a weekend of wine tasting. He is the top currency trader at Nationale Banc Suisse, the largest bank in Switzerland.

Storm Front on Kindle

Storm Front on Kindle

Six men are secretly in Sorenson’s home as the two played.  After brutally killing Brigitte, one of the men torchers Sorenson. The robber with a patch over his eye removed Sorenson’s finger nails – one by one. “Now,” said the robber with the patch, “Tell me your pass code to the Mon Ex Four Thousand in your office.”

After receiving the pass code from Sorenson. Patch shot him in the head.

The following day, after the two mutilated bodies were found by the gardener. Interpool was brought in. Interpool immediately called Jedediah Jones. He in turn called Derrick Storm.

Derrick Storm is working at The Orphanage of the Holy Name in Bacau, Romania. Jedediah Jones informs him. “Gregor Volkov is back.”


The book switches to New Your City. We are introduced to G. Whitely Cracker of the Cracker Family. Whitely is also a currency trader. He uses a Mon Ex 4000 in his office.


As the plot grows, more currency traders from around the world, who also use Mon Ex 4000’s, are murdered in a similar fashion.

Why are the currency traders being murdered?

Derrick Storm must discover the plot of the murders before it is too late.

The twist at the end of the book caught me completely off guard.

Storm Front, by author Richard Castle of ABC’s Castle is a well written financial thriller. This novel, as well as his other novels are must reads. In this writers opinion, all of Richard Castle’s novels are very good, thrilling books.

I hope you have enjoyed my review of Storm Front, by author Richard Castle. You can watch him on ABC’s Castle.

Until we talk again.

May good fortune guide your path.

J. A. Ireland