The RiTe – Movie Review


Dear exorcism enthusiasts,

If you like movies about exorcism, I’ve got a good one for you. In this spooky thriller, staged mostly in Rome, Anthony Hopkins gives an awesome performance—as always.

The movie begins. “The battle against the Devil, which is the principal task of Saint Michael the Archangel, is still being fought today, because the Devil is still alive and active in the world.” Pope John Paul II.

Two morticians are preparing a body for the casket. Istvan Kovak and his son Michael, the Hungarian Funeral Home Owners, are working on a cadaver. The members of the Kovak Family are either morticians or priests. Michael is planning to be a priest and leave Kovak and Son Funeral Home. He’s leaving for Seminary in a few days.

Michael Giving last rights

Michael Giving Last Rites and a Blessing to a dying girl

As Istvan and his son work on the corpse, Michael remembers his mother. She died when he was a child—presumably from cancer. His father prepared her for the funeral in their home.

The movie switches to four years later; Michael is graduating from Seminary School. Istvan attends the graduation.

Later, he gives a dying car accident victim  a blessing of last rites and prepares her for her final journey.

Immediately after graduation, Michael sends Father Superior an email resigning from the priesthood. He later learns from Father Superior, “If you resign, your   scholarship is revoked and you will owe one hundred grand for your education.”

Father Superior and Michael

Father Superior and Michael

Father Superior further says, “Last year, the Vatican received over a half million reports of demonic possession. An exorcist is to be placed in every diocese across the US. A new program is designed to reteach the clergy the rite of exorcism.”

Michael travels to Rome for the two month course on Exorcism. At the Vatican, Michael is the class with Angelina Vargas, the journalists. She is writing an article about the class.

Father Xavier wants Michael to visit Father Lucas in Florence. “His methods are less than orthodox,” Xavier says. “Father Lucas studied under Father Carmine De Filippis.”

Father Lucas

Father Lucas

In an old section of Florence, Michael meets Father Lucas. Michael helps Lucas as he continues the exorcisms on Rosaria.  Rosaria is pregnant and demon possessed after suffering repeated raping by her father. As the movie progresses, Rosaria coughs up three spike-nails and later dies.

Rosaria is demon possessed

Rosaria is demon possessed

Father Lucas and Michael perform an exorcism on Vincenzo – a boy. During this time, Michael’s father, Istvan, dies of a massive stroke. Due to an Icelandic Volcano, Italy’s airspace is closed and Michael can’t get home for the funeral.

Over the phone that evening, Michael thinks he’s talking to his dad. Then he talks to Dr. Vorachian, “Your father passed away this afternoon.”

We soon learn that Father Lucas is demon possessed. He spits up three spike-nails.

Michael and Angelina perform an exorcism on Father Lucas. During the frightening process, Michael becomes to true believer in God. He casts the demon, “Baál” out of Father Lucas.

Afterward, Michael  leaves Rome and travels back to the funeral home. He gets a letter from Angelina Vargas. It’s a copy of the article, “The Making of an Exorcist.”

Father Lucas and the Cross

Father Lucas and the Cross

Father Michael Kovak is one of 14 exorcists practicing in the United States today. He now works out of his parish near Chicago.

Father Lucas Trevant has performed over two thousand exorcisms. He continues to practice in a township outside of Florence Italy.

This movie was Inspired By True Events.

The movie ends.

The RiTe is a well written thriller. I hope you like my review of this thought provoking story. Until we talk again.

May good fortune guide your path,

J.A. Ireland

Sherlock Holmes – Movie Review


Dear Holmes and Watson Fans,

I have a review that I think you’ll like. Sir Arthur Conan Doyle’s, Sherlock Holmes, is a true classic. With the protagonists, Lord Blackwood on the prowl, as Holmes would say, “The game’s afoot.” In this movie, Holmes is a champion fighter.

Sherlock Holmes

Sherlock Holmes

The movie begins as Lord Blackwood is performing a black magic ritual—a human sacrifice. This folly is interrupted by Holmes, Watson, and Inspector Lestrade. Lord Blackwood is captured.

The headlines read: Scotland Yard Catches Killer!  Another headline reads: Sherlock Holmes Aids Police 

Blackwood will hang tomorrow. Read all about it! Our beloved detective lives at 221 Baker Street N.W.  Dr. Watson will be the attending physician for the hanging.

Lord Blackwood

Lord Blackwood

Before the hanging, Holmes, Watson, and his fiancée, Miss Mary Morstan have an evening meal at The Royale. While there, Sherlock uses his deduction skills to reason Miss Morstan’s life. His resourceful skills earn him a glass of wine in the face from Watson’s fiancée.

Later, Holmes gets a message, Blackwood wants to talk to him before he dies. Blackwood tells him three more people will die.

At the hanging, the official says, “Lord Blackwood is sentenced to death for the practice of black magic…the unholy murder of five innocent young woman…and the attempted murder of a sixth. Any final words Lord Blackwood?”

Blackwood said, “Death…is only the beginning.”  He was hanged.

Dr. Watson said, “That is the end of Lord Blackwood.”

Irene Adler enters the movie. She is staying at The Grand Hotel. Piccadilly London. She informs Holmes that Reordan is the key to what Blackwood was doing.

Irene Alder and Holmes in the library

Irene Alder and Holmes in the library

Soon, Blackwood is seen walking in the graveyard. The cement slab over his tomb is broken. Inspector Lestrade and his officers open Blackwood’s casket.

Adler’s dwarf midget is dead in the coffin.

“The game’s afoot,” Sherlock says. “Adler’s midget is the key to this.”

Later, Holmes and Watson discover a lab where the dwarf midget was working. They learn that Reordan was working with Blackwood.

Sherlock is abducted. Ambassador Standish from America, Lord Coward—the home secretary, and Lord Chief Justice are holding him at the northwest corner of St. James Square— the Temple of the Four Orders. There, they address Holmes.

The Temple of Four Orders practices black magic. Sherlock immediately deduces that the Lord Chief Justice is Blackwood’s father. Sir Thomas, the Lord Chief Justice, explains, “My son was conceived during a ritual with a follower—not my wife. She died during child birth.”

Later, Blackwood kills his father during his bath. Blackwood takes his Four Orders ring.

Lord Coward calls the Temple of Four Orders to order. “Sir Thomas is dead. I nominate Lord Blackwood as the head of the order.”  He addresses the order, “We will rule the world. We start by taking America back.”

Ambassador Standish from America will not stand with Blackwood and is killed.

The movie switches to Queenshithe Slaughterhouse, Nine Elms—a factory by the river. Holmes and Watson find Revelations 1:18 on the wall, “I am he that liveth, and was dead.”

Holmes ans Watson at Slaughterhouse

Holmes and Watson at Slaughterhouse

Blackwood is there and says, “And behold, I’m alive for evermore.”  He escapes in a boat while catching Holmes, Watson, and Adler in a dock explosion.

Later, while Irene Adler attempts to leave town, her true boss speaks to her, “I want what Reordan was making for Blackwood. Finish the job or the next dead body will be Sherlock Holmes.”

Out of desperation, Sherlock turns to the book of spells for clues. He believes Blackwood will kill in Parliament next. Sherlock, Watson, and Irene Adler enter Parliament through the basement. They discover Blackwood’s weapon—a remote controlled chemical weapon.

Lord Blackwood addresses Parliament, “I have returned from beyond the grave to fulfill England’s destiny and extend the boundaries of this great empire.”  His plan—to kill many members of Parliament.

His plan is foiled. In a final battle on a high rise construction sight, Blackwood is really hanged. He dangles by the neck high above the river.

Irene informs Sherlock that her real boss is Moriarty.

Sherlock later discovers how Blackwood survived the first hanging. He also learns what Moriarty was after. The wireless remote control for the chemical weapon. Sherlock says, “Wireless remote controls are the future.”

The movie ends.

If you are a detective story fan, like me—obviously, you’re sure to like this movie.  Robert Downey Jr. gives another great performance.

I hope you have enjoyed my review of Sherlock Holmes. Until we talk again.

May good fortune guide your path,

J.A. Ireland      

The Kinkorx Horned Hares Slasher


Dear scifi thriller fans,

I am J.A. Ireland. I’m a science fiction writer. I’m pleased to announce, my sixth Maxx Zeqster Creepy Cases novel is now available on Kindle. Please allow me to tell you very briefly about my action scifi novel.

The Kinkorx Horned Hares Slasher on Kindle

The Kinkorx Horned Hares Slasher on Kindle

In this story, we follow Zith Fleen and his tragic life. We also follow the Kinkorx Horned Hares, a professional mesnuk team in the desert on Sesla.

As the Kinkorx police attempt to catch a murderer, Maxx drives back to the wet lands for a life threatening, lengthy adventure. He fights Mustler and the Gang of Five along with numerous Joqzonion followers from the planet Joqzon.

Out of desperation, the owner of the Horned Hares hires Maxx and Art to catch the Slasher.

If you like space aliens, sports, or crazed serial killers, The Kinkorx Horned Hares Slasher will keep you on the edge of your seat. This full-length, adult, novel is a true, scifi – action/horror adventure.

You will no doubt like the nail biting ending.

I hope you will read my novel.  Afterwards, leave a comment or drop an email. Let me know what you think.

My next Maxx Zeqster novel, The Maladroit Bomber, is scheduled to be published by the end of 2014. This will be a full length, adult novel as well.

Thanks for reading my works. I hope you are entertained and intrigued by my blogs and books. Until we talk again.

“May good fortune guide your path”

J.A. Ireland

Ghosts of Fear Street – Book Review


Dear Science Fiction Readers,

If you’re a scifi fan and a cat lover, you’re sure to like this book review by author, R. L. Stine.

The book begins at the gymnastics club practice at Shadyside Middle School. Wendy Chapman is practicing for the all city meet on Saturday. Only three gymnasts will represent their school.

As she works on the four-inch wide beam, her best friend, Tina Barns watches enthusiastically.

Ghosts of Fear Street

Ghosts of Fear Street

As she works her routine, Nancy Morrow, a fellow gymnasts, makes faces at her. Due to the distraction, Wendy falls. “What’s wrong Wendy, I thought you liked cats. Cats always land on their feet,” taunted Nancy.

“You’re improving, Wendy,” said Ms. Mason, the gymnastics teacher.

After the practice, in the locker room, Nancy continued with her taunting of Wendy. Nancy is jealous of Wendy because she skipped the fifth grade, due to her high academic skills. Nancy also dislikes Wendy because Wendy likes cats. Nancy is allergic to cats.

After school, in frustration, Wendy and Tina leave the school and take the bus to Division Street Mall. “There it is,” said Wendy excitedly as they arrive at the mall, “The Shady Side Cat Circle Breeders Show is open.”

The large room is full of long tables with cats in cages. Wendy and Tina are excited as they explore the exhibit.

Behind a curtain, they stumble upon Mrs. Bast and her  booth. Her cats names are Curios and Samantha. She sells photos, posters, T-shirts, bracelets, knickknacks, pins, earrings,  and necklaces, etc…. All items are five dollars.

Tina finds a purple bracelet made of cat shaped beads. Wendy likes a metal charm of a black cat. In the center of the cat’s forehead is a spider shaped white star.

Mrs. Bast declares to Wendy, “That’s a werecat charm. It’s not for sale.”

Wendy asked, “What’s a werecat charm?”

Mrs. Bast explains, “Werecat charms turn the owner into a werecat every night after midnight. Werecats are very large, very wild cats. They prowl the Fear Street Woods every night. Werecats and regular cats are mortal enemies. After the first full moon, werecats and the human blend together.”

Now Wendy wanted the charm more than ever. During a moment of distraction, Wendy places five dollars in the tray and grabs the werecat charm.

With the charm around her neck, she and Tina leave the cat show. A cat claws Wendy as they exit the building.

That night at home, Wendy asks for a cat again. Again her parents refuse to allow her to have one. She goes to bed sad.

Wendy wakes one minute before midnight. She changes into a werecat. “I’m a werecat!” she exclaims.  She exits her bedroom through the window and goes prowling in the night.

The next morning, she thinks she was dreaming that she was a werecat as she prepares for school.

At school, and especially during gymnastics practice, Nancy’s taunting continues.

That night, at Tina’s home, during a sleep over, Wendy and Tina watch a nature movie for a school project. As they watch the documentary, the normally cuddly cat, Shalimar, stays away.

At midnight, Wendy changes in to a werecat and exit’s Tina’s home. She goes prowling.  She finds Nasty Nancy’s home.

She sneaks into Nancy’s bedroom. Knowing that Nancy is terribly allergic to cats, she rubes her cat fur all over Nancy’s bed as she sleeps.

After fleeing Nancy’s room, she is confronted by a black werecat. At dawn, she narrowly escapes the werecat.  She realizes the locket from Mrs. Bast’s booth is causing her to become a werecat. She tries to remove. She can’t!

Later that morning at gymnastics practice, Nancy is sick, due to her severe allergy attack.

Ms. Mason begins the Shadyside Middle School  gymnastic  tryouts. Wendy’s performance on both routines is perfect. She can’t believe how her balance has improved.

Due to Nancy’s illness, she scored poorly and Wendy replaced her on the team.

Later, Wendy tells Tina about the werecat charm. Tina just laughs.

“Take the locket off,” orders Wendy.  Tina tries and fails to remove it.

After school, they ride their bikes to the cat show. “The cat show is gone and so is Mrs. Bast,” said Wendy with alarm.

That night, Wendy changes into a werecat and battles the black werecat again.

The next day, they see Mrs. Bast. They follow her to a small, shabby, house. When Wendy sees Mrs. Bast’s home, she thinks Mrs. Bast is a witch.

When Mrs. Bast sees Wendy, she says loudly, “It’s you!”

Wendy explains her dilemma. “Can you get this locket off?”  Mrs. Bast removes the charm.

That night Wendy changes into a werecat again. She boldly hunts the black werecat. She is terrified when she discovers that the black werecat has two friends. There is a golden, a black, and a very large werecat.

As they changed into humans again, she discovers that her dad, mom, and brother are werecats.  Her dad tells her that all of her family, as far back as anyone can remember are werecats.

The book ends.

The Ghosts of Fear Street, by author, R. L. Stine is an easy and fun book to read. It is short and only takes a couple of hours  to read. If you like cats, this book will be even more entertaining.

I hope you have enjoyed my book review.

Until we talk again.

“May good fortune guide your path”

J. A. Ireland

Pumpkinhead — The Demon – Movie Review


Dear SciFi Horror Movie Fans,

I have a true scifi horror movie review for you. Pumpkinhead, the demon is a very good horror movie.

The Mutate Demon- Pumpkinhead

The Mutate Demon- Pumpkinhead

This horror movie takes place in the Ravie Mountains, on a farm in 1957. Tom Harley is protecting his wife and son, Eddie from Pumpkinhead.

The Demon Pumpkinhead hunting Clayton Foley

The Demon Pumpkinhead hunting Clayton Foley

Pumpkinhead is attacking Clayton Foley for killing a little girl.  The mutate demon kills Clayton outside the Harley home, in the dark.

The movie switches  in time to the adult, Ed Harley and his son Billy. They own “Harley and son Grocery Store in Ravie Mountain. Billy gives his father a handmade locket for a present  that  his father, Ed puts around his neck.

A group of rebel teenagers, Joel, Tracy, Steve, Maggie, and Kim are renting a cabin in Ravie Mountain. On there way, they make a pit-stop at Harley Grocery Store.

At the same time, Gus Wallace and his children also make a pit-stop at the store. Gus buys some feed from the  Ed Harley.

Later, Ed Harley leaves the store to deliver the feed to Gus’s farm. While he’s gone,  Billy Harley, his son,  is accidently run over by Joel while on his motorcycle. Billy chases his dog, Gypsy, into Joel’s path, when Joel accidently runs over him. Joel and three of his friends flee the scene.

Billy Harley

Billy Harley

As Ed arrives back at the store, he discovers his son, Billy. He is gravely injured. He drives him home where he dies.

I desperation, Ed Harley looks for Haggus , the witch. Gus Wallace’s son tells him  where to find Haggus. “She lives in the swamp on Black Ridge,” said the son.

Because Billy is all Ed has left in the world, after losing his wife, Betty Lynn, he finds Haggus. She lives in a rat and spider-infested shack in the swamp. He takes his dead son to her.

“Leave the boy here and go to Razor-Back Hallow Graveyard. Dig up the child that was unloved by it’s parents.  For your type of revenge, you’ll need that child.  Bring the dead child to me! You’ll know where it is,” ordered Haggus.

Ed finds the graveyard and digs up the child’s body. He takes it back to Haggus.

Haggus - The Witch

Haggus – The Witch

The witch uses Ed’s blood in her spell to bring Pumpkinhead to life.  “The creature is Vengeance, Cruelty, and Evil,” said Haggus, “I can’t bring Billy back for you. I don’t have the power.”

As the demon, Pumpkinhead forms, it draws strength from Ed.

We see Ed burying his son, Billy, next to his wife, Betty Lynn Harley, who died in 1978. He buries Billy next to his mother.

The demon, Pumpkinhead draws it’s existence from Ed Harley as it brutally kills the rebellious teens one by one.

As Pumpkinhead is acting out Ed’s revenge on the teens for killing Billy, Ed goes back to Haggus.  “I want you to stop Pumpkinhead,” he demands.

She explains, “You can’t stop this. It’s what you want. You will pay a dear price if you stop Pumpkinhead.”

The locals call the demon, Pumpkinhead, because they nicknamed the cemetery where it resurrects from, Pumpkin-Patch Graveyard.

The remaining teens flee to Bradley Mountain where they parked their cars and motorcycles. When they arrive, Pumpkinhead is already there.

With only Tracy remaining alive, she tells Ed that his son’s death was an accident.  As Ed listens, he and the demon, Pumpkinhead are becoming one. Ed realizes, to kill Pumpkinhead, he has to die.

Ed Harley is connected to Pumpkinhead

Ed Harley and Pumpkinhead are becoming one!

He orders Tracy to kill him. As she shoots him, Pumpkinhead dies. Ed and Pumpkinhead lie on the ground, dead.  Pumpkinhead ignites and burns.

The last scene of the movie, we see Haggus putting a dead, mutated body in the grave, at Razor-Back Hallow Graveyard, where Ed Harley dug up the unloved child. The body is the dead, mutated, Ed Harley. He’s still wearing the locket that Billy gave him at the grocery store, around his neck.

Haggus buries his mutated body there until the next person comes to her for Revenge! Ed Harley will be the next Pumpkinhead.

The Witch Haggus buries Ed Harley at Razor-Back Hollow Graveyard

The Witch Haggus buries Ed Harley at Razor-Back Hollow Graveyard

The movie ends.

Pumpkinhead-The Demon is a great horror movie. It is well written. The witch, Haggus looked creepy and scary. Her spider-infested shack in the swamp in Black Ridge was creepy and spooky.

Pumpkinhead - The Mutate Revenge Demon

Pumpkinhead – The Mutate Revenge Demon

The mutated demon, Pumpkinhead was evil, powerful, and revenge driven. It’s appearance was similar to an alien creature. The creators did a fantastic job creating Pumpkinhead.

This is a great science fiction horror movie. It was fun to watch.

Until we talk again.

“May good fortune guide your path”

J. A. Ireland

The Thing – Movie Review


Dear Science Fiction Horror Fans,

Space ship landing on Earth

Space ship landing on Earth – 100,000 years ago

I have a true scifi horror movie review for you. The Thing, by John Carpenter begins with an alien space ship crash landing on earth sometime in the past.

The movie switches to Antarctica during the first week of winter in 1982 at the United States National Science Institute Station # 4.  A dog is running across the ice and snow to escape a hunter in a helicopter.  The dog finds a haven with the scientists at station # 4.  We learn that the dog escaped from a nearby Norwegian camp.

Norwegen dog

Norwegian dog

Mac and Copper venture to the Norwegian camp to see why the dog ran. When they get there, the camp is burned and deserted. As they investigate, they discover a Norwegian with his throat slashed.

As they investigate further, they discover a burned creature that seems half-human and half something else.  Out of curiosity, they bring the dead creature back to their camp so that Blair can perform an autopsy on it and discover what it is.

The Alien Creature from the Norwegen Camp

The Alien Creature from the Norwegian Camp

During a great seen of gore and horror, the Norwegian dog changes into an alien creature and attacks their other dogs.  Mac burns the creature with a flamethrower.

Blair is continuing with the autopsy. “This creature is an organism that imitates other life-forms.”

The U.S. crew discovers the space ship buried in a crater of ice. They believe the alien space ship crash-landed over 100,000 years ago.

Alien Space Ship Burried in Ice for 100,000years

Alien Space Ship Buried in Ice for 100,000 years

The creature Mac and Copper brought back from the Norwegian camp begins to thaw and comes back to life.

The creature attacks them one by one, starting with Bennings.

As the creature individually attacks them, one by one, they become paranoid. Since it imitates other life forms, anyone of them could be the creature.

Bennings being mutated

One of the camp members as he Mutates

With only a few remaining American scientists still alive, the survivors decide to blow-up and burn their camp in an attempt to kill the creature.

In a final scene of horror, as the creature attacks Mac, he uses dynamite to blow up the creature.

The Thing is an interesting story with several good moments of gore and horror.  I would have enjoyed it if the creature was given time to develop rather than always being torched, but that’s just me.

The Thing is an interesting  horror movie. It’s entertaining.  The gore scenes are very good.

I hope you have enjoyed my review of John Carpenter’s- The Thing.

Until we talk again.

May good fortune guide your path

J. A. Ireland

The Vampire Diaries: The Struggle


Dear SciFi Horror Readers,

The Vampire Diaries - The Struggle

The Vampire Diaries – The Struggle

I have a vampire book review for you. The Vampire Diaries: The Struggle, by writer L. J. Smith, is an easy read about a group of teenage vampire friends in high school.

The book begins with a verbal fight in a cemetery between the mortal, Elena and Damon, the very powerful vampire. During the strong conversation on November first; Damon informs Elena that he killed his vampire brother, Stefan the previous night.

We learn later in the book that a teacher, Mr. Tanner was also murdered recently. His body was found without any blood.

Throughout the book, Elena enjoys writing in her diary. We learn about her feelings for Stefan in her writings.

My favorite scenes in this book were the creepy scenes at the cemeteries and the old Francher place. I also like  the very powerful vampire, Damon.

The ending was both thrilling and typical for a vampire book.

If you like scifi horror, like me, The Vampire Diaries is  a fun series. They only take a couple of hours each to read and enjoy.

I hope you have enjoyed my review of The Vampire Diaries: The Struggle.  This is one of my favorite vampire series’.

Until we chat again.

May good fortune guide your path.

J. A. Ireland