SHREK – Movie Review


Dear Fantasy and Fairy Tale fans,

I watched a very funny movie that I thought was wonderful. Shrek and Donkey made me laugh.

Shrek – the Ogre

The movie begins with, “Once upon a time there was a Lovely Princess. But she had an enchantment upon her of a fearful sort. Which could only be broken by love’s first kiss. She was locked away in a castle, guarded by a terrible fire-breathing dragon. Many brave knights had attempted to free her from this dreadful prison. But none prevailed. She waited in the Dragon’s keep. In the highest room of the tallest tower, for her true love and true love’s first kiss.”

Shrek, the ogre, is cleaning in the swamp where he lives.  The towns people are coming after him. Lord Farquaad has ordered all Fairy Tale Characters to be arrested.

The talking donkey is almost arrested. He meets Shrek. Shrek allows him to stay in the swamp for one night. Donkey says, “In the mornin’ I’m makin’ waffles.”


Lord Farquaad evicted the fairy tale creatures from their homes. They are all hiding in Shrek’s swamp.

Shrek and Donkey travel to Farquaad’s kingdom. He wants the evictions lifted so the characters can go back to their homes.

The Magic Mirror tells Farquaad he needs to marry Fiona if he is to be King of DuLac. She is a prisoner of the dragon. He is having a tournament to choose a winner to rescue Fiona from the dragon.

Lord Farquaad and the Magic Mirror

Shrek and Donkey arrive at DuLoc and enter the contest. In an easy victory, they defeat all of the solders—pro wrestling style. Farquaad sends Shrek to kill the dragon and rescue Fiona.

He and donkey agree to get his swamp back. They leave for the dragon’s castle.

Upon arrival at the castle, they cross a robe bridge. It suspends over a moat of fiery lava.

Donkey finds the dragon. Shrek grabs its tail. The dragon flings him through Fiona’s roof. He lands in her room.

As the dragon is about to eat donkey, Donkey starts complimenting the dragon. She falls in love with him.

Shrek rescues donkey and Fiona. They escape. As they travel back to DuLoc, Fiona insists on hiding each night.

Later at DuLoc, Farquaad and Fiona are being married. Shrek and Donkey ride the dragon to the wedding. During the wedding, at sunset, Fiona turns into an ogre.


Fiona says, “When I was a little girl, a witch casts a spell on me. Every night, I turn into an ogre.”  “By night one way, by day another. This shall be the norm until you find true Love’s first kiss. and then take Love’s true form.”

Farquaad orders her locked in the tower forever. Donkey and dragon enter the room. The dragon eats Farquaad.

Shrek kisses Fiona. The spell is broken. Fiona changes into an ogre permanently. They marry in the swamp and leave for their honeymoon.

The movie ends.

This is a wonderfully funny movie. It was a pleasure to watch. I love Shrek, Donkey, and Fiona. Lord Farquaad is a laugh.  To bad he was eaten by the dragon.

Until we talk again.

“May good fortune guide your path”

J.A. Ireland


Zog Morxoc — Crime Lord in Kinkorx


Dear SciFi fans,

When I began writing Sesla…The Enchanted Planet, I wanted a hero. In order to have a hero. I also needed a villain. I decided I needed many villains.

In The Unthinkable Duo Of Justice my main villain is the powerful crime lord, Zog Morxoc. Here’s an excerpt from my novel to give you a taste of his character. It’s Childs’ Day at Kinkorx Police Station:

Xcuymir Sheriff Department

Xcuymir Sheriff Department

The child’s ball sailed into Chief Zog Morxoc’s office and struck him in the head for a third time. He exploded. “Does my head look like a backboard to you, kid?” Morxoc, the KyMox-Coterie, yelled loudly while exploding. “Keep your ball out of my office! I’m trying to get some work done!”

He had managed to keep his temper in check until this incident. His stomach was erupting and his head throbbed. He quickly downed more of his prescription medication as his symptoms raged. He was having a really, bad day.

Each year, at the Kinkorx Police Department, a division of Xcuymir Sheriff Department, there’s a tradition: Bring your child to work day, “Child Day.” The children always seem to love this day. They get to accompany their parents to work and hang out with them all day. They even get to participate in minor police work. They especially enjoy the all-day snack buffet. Child Day is a fun day for the kids.

Child Day is a bit different for the adults. The employees of the Kinkorx Police Station must watch what they say and do on Child Day. They must also maintain the cleanliness of the normally filthy, smoky, main work area. The day requires a high level of patience. That’s something Chief Morxoc, a KyMox-Coterie, is sadly lacking. As always, on this Child Day, Chief Morxoc is quickly losing his grip.

When Chief Morxoc yelled at the first child, Lieutenant Aqe Neuyh knew it was time. He walked swiftly into the Chief’s office and ran interference for the young boy. “You didn’t mean any harm, did you kid?”

The boy stood there petrified while shaking his head, no.

“Take your ball into the other room and play,” Neuyh said.

The child followed the orders of the Lieutenant and quickly exited the room. Lieutenant Neuyh smirked at his boss. “We’ve done well so far, Chief. We don’t have long to go,” he chuckled coyly. “We KyMoxs aren’t known for our patience. I think we’ve handled today very well, don’t you?”

Zog Morxoc scowled at the Lieutenant. “Who are you calling impatient?” He was attempting to regain control of his temper and his rampaging head and stomach. “I’ll be glad when these kids are gone.”

“So will I,” Lieutenant Neuyh added as he started to exit the chief’s office. Just then, another ball flew through the door past Lieutenant Neuyh and hit Chief Morxoc in the face. His temper erupted again. With the Lieutenant standing next to his office door, he raced out of his office and into the main area. He started yelling at the guilty youth, “I told you kids to—”

“Chief!” Police Officer Jitta ReFrex shouted while sitting at her desk in the main room. She interrupted her boss’s verbal assault on the child. “It’s our responsibility to be nice to these children.”

Morxoc silenced his tongue as his anger continued. He glared angrily at the guilty kids for a brief moment. He turned to Officer ReFrex and stared angrily at her for a moment while holding back his temper. He slowly went back to his small office and closed his door. Morxoc returned to his messy desk. “I can’t take much more of this.”

As he fumed, he removed yesterday’s copy of The Bedsult Daily News from his desk drawer while resisting the temptation to remove his prescriptions and take more pills. His fury was beginning to diminish, but his head continued to throb uncontrollably and his acid reflux was attacking his stomach without mercy. The temptation was overwhelming. He wanted to down another pill for his headache and another for his raging stomach.

His doctor prescribed the medications, but it was too soon to take more. His doctor had warned him about his bad habit of overmedicating. The advice his doctor gave him was to reduce his stress level and take less medication. His doctor’s recommendation seemed impractical, considering his line of work.

He had been so distracted by the annoying children that he hadn’t even looked at his newspaper before now. He scanned the pages while attempting to calm his anger. He smiled as he read an article on the second page…


If you read my first novel, The Unthinkable Duo Of Justice, I think you’ll be surprised by the powerful twist in the plot involving Morxoc.

My adventure books all have evil characters. For me, the dark side completes the story; you know, good vs evil.

Until we talk again,

May good fortune guide your path,

J.A. Ireland

The Unthinkable Duo of Sesla


Dear Sesla enthusiasts,

Maxx and Art have an unusual relationship—not only for Sesla but probably anywhere. I would like to further define their circumstances and differences.

One Species of the Deadly Sea Doxer

One Species of the Deadly Sea Doxer

All Sesleans are an evolved fish amphibian species from the enchanted Sesla sea. Like most civilizations, there is a hierarchy—the most prestigious clan down to the lowest clan.

Maxx Zeqster was born a gifted Razion-Coterie—perhaps the most prominent clan on Sesla. He is also a scholar. Having been his class valedictorian at University of Kinkorx further defines his scholastic achievement. Immediately after graduation from the Criminal Justice program at U of K, he was awarded a prestigious job as a detective at Xcuymir Sheriff Department.  With all of his brilliance, he is a flawed coterie—flawed in self-confidence, research, and deduction skills.

Art Nekuma is a Pirtt-Coterie—the lowest clan on Sesla. Added to that disadvantage, his academic achievements are merely average. Despite his educational, financial, and social disadvantages,  he is a very thorough planner and a gifted researcher. As Maxx Zeqster said while speaking with Jeqrix Grexenn, the owner of the horned hares in The Kinkorx Horned Hares Slasher, “If anyone can find a pattern from the game films, Art can.”

In this scene from my novel, Jeqrix Grexenn hires the Zeqster-Nekuma Detective Agency to catch a killer who is murdering his mesnuk players.

Master of Disguises

Art Nekuma- “Master of Disguises”

Art is also a “Master of Disguises”.  His camouflage costumes are brilliant and unique. Between his cleaver cloaks and his unparalleled reasoning and research skills, he is the missing components to Maxx Zeqster’s brilliant character.

In my first novel, they perform their initial, very awkward, undercover operation.  During this extremely dangerous mission,  they uncover a secret that blows a Big case wide open. The bond is formed. Together they become, The Unthinkable Duo of Sesla.

Maxx and Art’s friendship grows throughout my books. They form a very powerful detective agency.

Maxx’s association with Art further defines his character.
Stay tuned, as I talk further about the characters in my Creepy Cases books.

Until we talk again.

“May good fortune guide your path”

J.A. Ireland

Species – Movie Review


Dear Science Fiction Horror Fans,

I have a space alien, scifi movie review for you.  Species is a movie about a group of scientists who mix human and alien DNA.

S.E.T.I.  Radio Telescopes at DUGWAY, UTAH

S.E.T.I. Radio Telescopes at DUGWAY, UTAH

The movie begins at the U.S. Government Laboratories in Dugway, Utah.

For the past 30 years, the world’s most powerful radio telescopes have been scanning the heavens searching for signals from alien civilizations.

This project is called S.E.T.I.— Search for Extraterrestrial Intelligence.

Alien Girl

Alien Girl that the S.E.T.I. Scientists created by DNA manipulation

The movie switches:

A young alien girl is in a large glass aquarium in the lab at the gov’t facility. As she wakes from her sleep, the scientists prepare to terminate their experiment with cyanide gas.

The poison gas is pumped into her glass chamber. As they wait for the alien girl to die, she breaks the glass and escapes. Many scientists in the lab die due to the escaping cyanide gas.

She escapes the compound by climbing a 18 feet high barbed wire fence. She steals a ride from on a speeding train.

While on the train, she begins to mutate.


The movie switches back to the S.E.T.I. facility in Dugway, Utah. Xavier Finch has called an unlikely group together to aid him in the search and destroy of their escaped alien girl.

Group of pursuers

The group of pursuers in the lab

Mr. Finch is meeting with Dan Smithson – the empathy.

Stephen Arden – Harvard Anthropology Department Professor – Expert in Cross Cultural Behavior.

Laura Baker – Molecular Biologists.

Preston Lennox – a freelance solution goto man when the gov’t has a problem they want eliminated.


We see a thrilling horror scene where the alien girl on the train kills a train employee and hatches out of an alien cocoon as a mature female.


At Mr. Finch’s office. Xavier Finch explains to the group of recruits; In November of 1974, a group from S.E.T.I. in Arecibo sent a small message into space. In January 1993, the Arecibo scientists received a message back from an extraterrestrial of unknown origin.  There were two distinct messages. The first was a formula for a catalyst for clean burning methane.

The second was a new sequence of DNA with instructions as to how to combine it with human DNA.

The new alien/human DNA sequence was injected into one hundred human OVA.

The scientists accomplished growing one new life-form. She was code named, SIL.

“I want you to find SIL and kill her,” explained Mr. Finch sheepishly, “That is the decision.”

SIL – The half alien half human

The group sets out to find and destroy SIL, the experiment.

SIL has other plans.  She is very intelligent. She takes the train to Los Angeles. There, she blends in very quickly.


Laure Baker, the molecular biologists has an idea, “We have no idea what we’re dealing with. If we create another alien in your lab, we can study it’s weaknesses.”

The group travels back to the lab. They begin their dangerous DNA trial.

Due to an equipment malfunction during the alarming DNA experiment, Laura Baker and Preston Lennox venture into the sealed chamber where the alien is being created.  As the alien is growing, Laura and Preston try to escape the chamber – the alien attacks.

In a cowardly act, Xavier Finch refuses to unlock the chamber and allow Laura and Preston to escape their horrific fate.

During the thrilling horror scene, Dan lets them out of the chamber.


SIL searches for a man to mate with in LA. She mates with Stephen Arden.

SIL's new born alien son

SIL’s new born alien son

While being pregnant, she escapes into the sewer system. The group pursues her.

SIL - Space Alien

SIL- The Space Alien

During a thrilling horror conclusion, SIL and her new born son are killed in the sewer by the group. The group burns them to death with the gas in the sewer water and a flamethrower.

Sewer rats begin to eat the aliens bodies. The rats begin to mutate into alien creatures.

The movie ends.

Species is a well written scifi horror thriller. I liked how smart SIL was. She evaded her pursuers for a long time in LA while pursuing a mate. The special effects of SIL’s mutations were awesome.

I hope you have enjoyed my movie review of Species.

Until we talk again,

May good fortune guide your path,

J. A. Ireland

Ghosts of Fear Street – Book Review


Dear Science Fiction Readers,

If you’re a scifi fan and a cat lover, you’re sure to like this book review by author, R. L. Stine.

The book begins at the gymnastics club practice at Shadyside Middle School. Wendy Chapman is practicing for the all city meet on Saturday. Only three gymnasts will represent their school.

As she works on the four-inch wide beam, her best friend, Tina Barns watches enthusiastically.

Ghosts of Fear Street

Ghosts of Fear Street

As she works her routine, Nancy Morrow, a fellow gymnasts, makes faces at her. Due to the distraction, Wendy falls. “What’s wrong Wendy, I thought you liked cats. Cats always land on their feet,” taunted Nancy.

“You’re improving, Wendy,” said Ms. Mason, the gymnastics teacher.

After the practice, in the locker room, Nancy continued with her taunting of Wendy. Nancy is jealous of Wendy because she skipped the fifth grade, due to her high academic skills. Nancy also dislikes Wendy because Wendy likes cats. Nancy is allergic to cats.

After school, in frustration, Wendy and Tina leave the school and take the bus to Division Street Mall. “There it is,” said Wendy excitedly as they arrive at the mall, “The Shady Side Cat Circle Breeders Show is open.”

The large room is full of long tables with cats in cages. Wendy and Tina are excited as they explore the exhibit.

Behind a curtain, they stumble upon Mrs. Bast and her  booth. Her cats names are Curios and Samantha. She sells photos, posters, T-shirts, bracelets, knickknacks, pins, earrings,  and necklaces, etc…. All items are five dollars.

Tina finds a purple bracelet made of cat shaped beads. Wendy likes a metal charm of a black cat. In the center of the cat’s forehead is a spider shaped white star.

Mrs. Bast declares to Wendy, “That’s a werecat charm. It’s not for sale.”

Wendy asked, “What’s a werecat charm?”

Mrs. Bast explains, “Werecat charms turn the owner into a werecat every night after midnight. Werecats are very large, very wild cats. They prowl the Fear Street Woods every night. Werecats and regular cats are mortal enemies. After the first full moon, werecats and the human blend together.”

Now Wendy wanted the charm more than ever. During a moment of distraction, Wendy places five dollars in the tray and grabs the werecat charm.

With the charm around her neck, she and Tina leave the cat show. A cat claws Wendy as they exit the building.

That night at home, Wendy asks for a cat again. Again her parents refuse to allow her to have one. She goes to bed sad.

Wendy wakes one minute before midnight. She changes into a werecat. “I’m a werecat!” she exclaims.  She exits her bedroom through the window and goes prowling in the night.

The next morning, she thinks she was dreaming that she was a werecat as she prepares for school.

At school, and especially during gymnastics practice, Nancy’s taunting continues.

That night, at Tina’s home, during a sleep over, Wendy and Tina watch a nature movie for a school project. As they watch the documentary, the normally cuddly cat, Shalimar, stays away.

At midnight, Wendy changes in to a werecat and exit’s Tina’s home. She goes prowling.  She finds Nasty Nancy’s home.

She sneaks into Nancy’s bedroom. Knowing that Nancy is terribly allergic to cats, she rubes her cat fur all over Nancy’s bed as she sleeps.

After fleeing Nancy’s room, she is confronted by a black werecat. At dawn, she narrowly escapes the werecat.  She realizes the locket from Mrs. Bast’s booth is causing her to become a werecat. She tries to remove. She can’t!

Later that morning at gymnastics practice, Nancy is sick, due to her severe allergy attack.

Ms. Mason begins the Shadyside Middle School  gymnastic  tryouts. Wendy’s performance on both routines is perfect. She can’t believe how her balance has improved.

Due to Nancy’s illness, she scored poorly and Wendy replaced her on the team.

Later, Wendy tells Tina about the werecat charm. Tina just laughs.

“Take the locket off,” orders Wendy.  Tina tries and fails to remove it.

After school, they ride their bikes to the cat show. “The cat show is gone and so is Mrs. Bast,” said Wendy with alarm.

That night, Wendy changes into a werecat and battles the black werecat again.

The next day, they see Mrs. Bast. They follow her to a small, shabby, house. When Wendy sees Mrs. Bast’s home, she thinks Mrs. Bast is a witch.

When Mrs. Bast sees Wendy, she says loudly, “It’s you!”

Wendy explains her dilemma. “Can you get this locket off?”  Mrs. Bast removes the charm.

That night Wendy changes into a werecat again. She boldly hunts the black werecat. She is terrified when she discovers that the black werecat has two friends. There is a golden, a black, and a very large werecat.

As they changed into humans again, she discovers that her dad, mom, and brother are werecats.  Her dad tells her that all of her family, as far back as anyone can remember are werecats.

The book ends.

The Ghosts of Fear Street, by author, R. L. Stine is an easy and fun book to read. It is short and only takes a couple of hours  to read. If you like cats, this book will be even more entertaining.

I hope you have enjoyed my book review.

Until we talk again.

“May good fortune guide your path”

J. A. Ireland

I AM NUMBER FOUR – Movie Review


Dear readers,

Daniel - Number Four

Daniel – Number Four

I have a scifi action/ horror movie review for you. I am number four is a calmer science fiction drama. It’s about the protagonists Daniel.

Daniel is Number Four.  He’s an alien from the planet Lorien. Together, Daniel, Henri,  and the chimera, the beagle, escape from Lorien and flee to Earth. They are escaping  from the Magadorians.

Number Six

Number Six blows up their rented Beach house

The movie begins as Henri, Daniel’s protector, and Daniel leave the beach home they rented and go on the run. They stop at Paradise and take up new residency.  Daniel attends Paradise Regional Senior High School where he meets Sarah and Sam, the science nerd.

We learn that Daniel’s parents were very powerful members of the Lorien Garde. Daniel inherited their powers. He quickly learns how to use them.

Daniel - Number Four using his powers

Daniel – Number Four using his powers

The Magadorians locate him and his friends at Paradise High school.  That is where the battle begins. Number Six joins them as the group battles the Mags. The beagle changes into a fierce creature and joins the battle. Together they defeat the Mags in a brilliant display of science fiction thrill.

Number four (Daniel), Number Six, and Sam, the science nerd, set out to find the other super powered youth from Lorien as the movie ends.

The Magadorian

The Magadorian

I thought the ending was the best part of this movie. The battle at Paradise High school is thrilling.

The Magadorians are very good antagonists.

If you like a drama that is light science fiction based, number four will no doubt be a pleasant movie for you.

Tell we talk again.

May good fortune guide your path.

J. A. Ireland

The Thing – Movie Review


Dear Science Fiction Horror Fans,

Space ship landing on Earth

Space ship landing on Earth – 100,000 years ago

I have a true scifi horror movie review for you. The Thing, by John Carpenter begins with an alien space ship crash landing on earth sometime in the past.

The movie switches to Antarctica during the first week of winter in 1982 at the United States National Science Institute Station # 4.  A dog is running across the ice and snow to escape a hunter in a helicopter.  The dog finds a haven with the scientists at station # 4.  We learn that the dog escaped from a nearby Norwegian camp.

Norwegen dog

Norwegian dog

Mac and Copper venture to the Norwegian camp to see why the dog ran. When they get there, the camp is burned and deserted. As they investigate, they discover a Norwegian with his throat slashed.

As they investigate further, they discover a burned creature that seems half-human and half something else.  Out of curiosity, they bring the dead creature back to their camp so that Blair can perform an autopsy on it and discover what it is.

The Alien Creature from the Norwegen Camp

The Alien Creature from the Norwegian Camp

During a great seen of gore and horror, the Norwegian dog changes into an alien creature and attacks their other dogs.  Mac burns the creature with a flamethrower.

Blair is continuing with the autopsy. “This creature is an organism that imitates other life-forms.”

The U.S. crew discovers the space ship buried in a crater of ice. They believe the alien space ship crash-landed over 100,000 years ago.

Alien Space Ship Burried in Ice for 100,000years

Alien Space Ship Buried in Ice for 100,000 years

The creature Mac and Copper brought back from the Norwegian camp begins to thaw and comes back to life.

The creature attacks them one by one, starting with Bennings.

As the creature individually attacks them, one by one, they become paranoid. Since it imitates other life forms, anyone of them could be the creature.

Bennings being mutated

One of the camp members as he Mutates

With only a few remaining American scientists still alive, the survivors decide to blow-up and burn their camp in an attempt to kill the creature.

In a final scene of horror, as the creature attacks Mac, he uses dynamite to blow up the creature.

The Thing is an interesting story with several good moments of gore and horror.  I would have enjoyed it if the creature was given time to develop rather than always being torched, but that’s just me.

The Thing is an interesting  horror movie. It’s entertaining.  The gore scenes are very good.

I hope you have enjoyed my review of John Carpenter’s- The Thing.

Until we talk again.

May good fortune guide your path

J. A. Ireland