Ghosts of Fear Street – Book Review


Dear Science Fiction Readers,

If you’re a scifi fan and a cat lover, you’re sure to like this book review by author, R. L. Stine.

The book begins at the gymnastics club practice at Shadyside Middle School. Wendy Chapman is practicing for the all city meet on Saturday. Only three gymnasts will represent their school.

As she works on the four-inch wide beam, her best friend, Tina Barns watches enthusiastically.

Ghosts of Fear Street

Ghosts of Fear Street

As she works her routine, Nancy Morrow, a fellow gymnasts, makes faces at her. Due to the distraction, Wendy falls. “What’s wrong Wendy, I thought you liked cats. Cats always land on their feet,” taunted Nancy.

“You’re improving, Wendy,” said Ms. Mason, the gymnastics teacher.

After the practice, in the locker room, Nancy continued with her taunting of Wendy. Nancy is jealous of Wendy because she skipped the fifth grade, due to her high academic skills. Nancy also dislikes Wendy because Wendy likes cats. Nancy is allergic to cats.

After school, in frustration, Wendy and Tina leave the school and take the bus to Division Street Mall. “There it is,” said Wendy excitedly as they arrive at the mall, “The Shady Side Cat Circle Breeders Show is open.”

The large room is full of long tables with cats in cages. Wendy and Tina are excited as they explore the exhibit.

Behind a curtain, they stumble upon Mrs. Bast and her  booth. Her cats names are Curios and Samantha. She sells photos, posters, T-shirts, bracelets, knickknacks, pins, earrings,  and necklaces, etc…. All items are five dollars.

Tina finds a purple bracelet made of cat shaped beads. Wendy likes a metal charm of a black cat. In the center of the cat’s forehead is a spider shaped white star.

Mrs. Bast declares to Wendy, “That’s a werecat charm. It’s not for sale.”

Wendy asked, “What’s a werecat charm?”

Mrs. Bast explains, “Werecat charms turn the owner into a werecat every night after midnight. Werecats are very large, very wild cats. They prowl the Fear Street Woods every night. Werecats and regular cats are mortal enemies. After the first full moon, werecats and the human blend together.”

Now Wendy wanted the charm more than ever. During a moment of distraction, Wendy places five dollars in the tray and grabs the werecat charm.

With the charm around her neck, she and Tina leave the cat show. A cat claws Wendy as they exit the building.

That night at home, Wendy asks for a cat again. Again her parents refuse to allow her to have one. She goes to bed sad.

Wendy wakes one minute before midnight. She changes into a werecat. “I’m a werecat!” she exclaims.  She exits her bedroom through the window and goes prowling in the night.

The next morning, she thinks she was dreaming that she was a werecat as she prepares for school.

At school, and especially during gymnastics practice, Nancy’s taunting continues.

That night, at Tina’s home, during a sleep over, Wendy and Tina watch a nature movie for a school project. As they watch the documentary, the normally cuddly cat, Shalimar, stays away.

At midnight, Wendy changes in to a werecat and exit’s Tina’s home. She goes prowling.  She finds Nasty Nancy’s home.

She sneaks into Nancy’s bedroom. Knowing that Nancy is terribly allergic to cats, she rubes her cat fur all over Nancy’s bed as she sleeps.

After fleeing Nancy’s room, she is confronted by a black werecat. At dawn, she narrowly escapes the werecat.  She realizes the locket from Mrs. Bast’s booth is causing her to become a werecat. She tries to remove. She can’t!

Later that morning at gymnastics practice, Nancy is sick, due to her severe allergy attack.

Ms. Mason begins the Shadyside Middle School  gymnastic  tryouts. Wendy’s performance on both routines is perfect. She can’t believe how her balance has improved.

Due to Nancy’s illness, she scored poorly and Wendy replaced her on the team.

Later, Wendy tells Tina about the werecat charm. Tina just laughs.

“Take the locket off,” orders Wendy.  Tina tries and fails to remove it.

After school, they ride their bikes to the cat show. “The cat show is gone and so is Mrs. Bast,” said Wendy with alarm.

That night, Wendy changes into a werecat and battles the black werecat again.

The next day, they see Mrs. Bast. They follow her to a small, shabby, house. When Wendy sees Mrs. Bast’s home, she thinks Mrs. Bast is a witch.

When Mrs. Bast sees Wendy, she says loudly, “It’s you!”

Wendy explains her dilemma. “Can you get this locket off?”  Mrs. Bast removes the charm.

That night Wendy changes into a werecat again. She boldly hunts the black werecat. She is terrified when she discovers that the black werecat has two friends. There is a golden, a black, and a very large werecat.

As they changed into humans again, she discovers that her dad, mom, and brother are werecats.  Her dad tells her that all of her family, as far back as anyone can remember are werecats.

The book ends.

The Ghosts of Fear Street, by author, R. L. Stine is an easy and fun book to read. It is short and only takes a couple of hours  to read. If you like cats, this book will be even more entertaining.

I hope you have enjoyed my book review.

Until we talk again.

“May good fortune guide your path”

J. A. Ireland