The Visqaser Report

Greetings history and science readers,

I am J.A. Ireland. I write articles for this monthly geological, historical, medical, and science magazine. Do to the complex nature of the articles in this journal—excluding my books, these are my favorite writings.

Space Transmission Tower at Kinkorx Observatory

For this monthly publication, I write about controversial topics that concern the citizens of Sesla. Many of the reports concern our planet as well. I write articles that range in topics from doxer fever to evolution. I write about the excessive rain in the wet lands and the lack of safe drinking water—also in the wet lands. The reports I write for this magazine take me all over Sesla.

In this column, I will attempt to enlighten you on the major issues concerning Sesla and her beloved coteries. We think Sesla is a fascinating and wonderful planet. As you read these articles and experience her enchantments, I hope you will agree.

Not long ago, we didn’t have the space tower. Without the Kinkorx Observatory transmitter, Earth would not know of the existence of Sesla or this blog; you would not know about us.

Who knows what the future holds? Could teleportation be in our future? In your future? Perhaps you would like to visit Sesla…The Enchanted Planet yourself? I hope so. With a benevolent, magical planet, who knows?

I hope you enjoy reading my articles in The Visqaser Report while discovering our magical planet and her beloved coteries.

Until we talk again,

May good fortune guide your path.

J.A. Ireland

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