Star Trek: Nemesis – Movie Review


Greetings trekies,

I have a Star Trek – Nemesis movie review that you’re sure to like.

Star Trek NemesisThe movie begins in the Romulan Imperial Senate. A representative from the military is presenting Shinzon of Remus’ proposal.  Shinzon wants to unite Romulus and Remus. The Praetor, the leader of the Senate, rejects his proposal.

Green Dust kills the Romulan Imperial SenatorsSenator Taláura had an urgent appointment with the Tholian Ambassador. Upon leaving, she left a small round box on the table.  The box opened and sprayed a green dust in the air above the Senators.  The dust killed them all. Their bodies turned to stone and crumbled.

The movie switches to Captain Picard as he makes the best man toast at Will Riker and Deanna Troi’s wedding reception.  They will have a wedding ceremony on Betazed, the “no clothing allowed,” planet.

Later, Mr. Worf picks up a Positronic Signal on Kolarus III, in the Kolarun System. The signal is from an android like Data.

Mr. Warf

Mr. Worf

“There is a problem!”  said Geordi, “The Kolarun System is close to the Romulan Neutral Zone. With Captain Picard’s approval, Will Riker orders, “Warp five to the Kolarun System.”

“I am reading six Positronic Signals,” said Geordi.

On Kolarus III they discover a replica of Data, in six pieces as Captain Picard tries out the Argo. The Argo is a new, small ATV.


Back on the Enterprise, they learn that Dr. Soong created this prototype of Data and named it B-4. He created B-4 before he created Data.  B-4 is less sophisticated than Data.  Data and B-4 are brothers.  “Geordi, reassemble B-4,” orders Captain Picard.

Captain Picard gets an alpha priority communication from Starfleet.  Admiral Janeway wants Jean-Luc to go to Romulus. The Romulan Imperial Senate has a new Praetor, Shinzon of Reman. Captain Picard orders, “Warp eight to Romulus.”

At Romulus, they face the Reman War bird, Scimitar. They meet Praetor Shinzon, the human, and his Viceroy, the Reman.

Reman War Bird  Scimitar.

Reman War Bird Scimitar.

They later learn that Shinzon is a clone of Captain Picard.  Shinzon and Jean-Luc become acquainted.

Geordi learns that Shinzon’s ship is a Thalaron Generator.  They now know that Shinzon is no diplomat.

Shinzon and his Viceroy perform a violation on Deanna in her and Will’s room.

We learn that Shinzon put B-4 on Kolarus III to gain information about Starfleet.  The information that B-4 receives from the Enterprises computers is incorrect, thanks to Data.

Data reaffirms that Shinzon’s ship is a Thalaron Generator , a great weapon.

They learn that Shinzon was created with temporal RNA sequencing. He has accelerated aging, he is dying.

The Dying Shinzon

The Dying Clone Shinzon

Geordi is concerned, “Shinzon’s ship has a Cascading Biogenic Pulse!”

Captain Picard orders, “He is going to attack earth. He must not be allowed to use his weapon. All other concerns are secondary,”  He further orders, “All hands…battle stations.”

The Enterprise warps toward sector 1045 where there are seven star ships. There is protection in numbers.  The problem is, Shinzon’s fully cloaked ship is right behind the Enterprise as it speeds through space.

The Enterprise enters the Bassen Rift. They lose all communications due to the space interference.   Captain is concerned for the ship’s safety. He orders, “Commander Riker, evasive maneuvers.”   Shinzon attacks the Enterprise.

As Captain Picard attempts to talk Shinzon out of destroying earth, he reveals his true plan.  “I want to be remembered for all time.”

Suddenly two Romulan ships appear. “This is Commander Donatra of the War bird Valdore. Might we be of assistance?”

The battle begins; two Romulans and the Enterprise vs. Shinzon.

As Shinzon overpowers his opponents, Deanna gets revenge for the earlier violation by Shinzon and his Viceroy. She enters Viceroy’s mind and pinpoints their ship.  “Remember me. Now!”    Mr. Worf fires!    “Fire at will,” ordered Captain Picard.

As the Enterprise is crippled, Captain Picard orders the Enterprise to ram Shinzon’s ship.

Captain Picard

Captain Picard

Shinzon orders, “Deploy the weapon. Kill everything on that ship. Then set a course for earth. We must complete our mission.”  The Thalaron intermix procedure is initiated.

Captain Picard beams to Shinzon’s ship to stop the weapon from destroying the Enterprise. Data secretly follows, through space. Picard battles Shinzon as the weapon readies itself.  Picard kills Shinzon.

With 30 seconds left before the Thalaron Generator fires, killing the Enterprise and everyone on board, Data puts a portable transported on Captain Picard.  “Good-bye,” said Data.  Captain Picard is beamed on board the Enterprise.

With two seconds before the annihilation of the Enterprise, Data blows up the Thalaron Generator.  Data dies in the explosion.

Captain Picard defeats Shinzon

Captain Picard defeats Shinzon

The deck crew honors Data’s memory.

Later, Commander Riker says good-bye to captain Picard.  Will Riker is assuming command of the Titan.

The movie ends.

As a writer, I love a story with a strong antagonists. Shinzon is a great antagonist. I really liked the design of the space ships as well. I hope you enjoyed my review.

Until our paths cross again.

May good fortune guide your path.

J.A. Ireland

Star Trek IV – The Voyage Home Movie Review


I have a Star Trek IV – The Voyage Home Movie Review.  I hope you enjoy it.

The movie began as an unknown probe is traveling through space on route to the Terran Solar System. It has disable every ship and space station along the way. It was disabling the U.S.S.  Saratoga as the movie begins.

Crippling  Alien Probe

Crippling Alien Probe

We learned that Admiral Kirk and his gallant crew were charged with nine violations of Starfleet regulations due to their actions while rescuing their shipmate Spock.  The Klingon Empire was outraged by star fleet’s miniscule actions. They wanted severe punishment.

Kirk and crew have been on Vulcan for three months.  They have been working on the rickety Klingon vessel while observing Spock as he continued with his speedily recovery.  Their plans are to return to earth and face their punishment for their unethical behavior while rescuing their shipmate Captain Spock.  In an attempt at historical irony, Dr. McCoy named their vessel, HMS Bounty.

As this is taking place, the U.S.S. Saratoga passes by the alien probe as the probe speeds toward earth. The probe’s powerful transmissions disable the helpless Saratoga.  As the probe continues, its powerful transmissions disable every space ship and space station in its path.

Kirk and crew leave Vulcan in their decrepit Klingon ship and proceed toward earth.

The alien probe reaches earth and sends a transmission signal into earth’s oceans. The powerful transmission immediately begins to cripple the helpless planet.  The citizens of earth are clueless as to how to respond to the probe. The President of United Federation of Planets sends out a planetary distress signal, “Do Not Approach Earth.  The transmissions of an orbiting probe are causing critical damage to this planet.”

Kirk and crew receive the distress signal. They listen to the probe’s transmissions. Immediately Mr. Spock  has an idea. After a brief search, he discovers that the probe is attempting to communicate with humpback whales.  Humpbacks have been extinct since the 21th century. Communication is therefore impossible.  They devise a plan. Time warp is their only option.  They plan to pick up tremendous speed and slingshot around the sun and go into time warp. Dr. McCoy’s response to the plan is classic. “That’s crazy.”

The Enterprise Crew Attempt Time Warp

The Enterprise Crew Attempts Time Warp

Their plan works. They come out of time warp on the Pacific basin, near the west coast of North America in the late 20th century.   Uhura hears whale songs coming from San Francisco.

Mr. Scott quickly discovers that the Klingon ship suffered severe damage during the time warp process. The ships dilithium crystals are decrystallizing. The technology doesn’t exist to recrystallize them.  Again Spock has an idea, according to him the later 20th century was the nuclear fusion era.  Nuclear fusion was used in nuclear powered naval vessels. The nuclear fusion reactors used high-energy photons  to do their work.  His theory was to collect these photons and inject them into the dilithium chamber in an attempt to cause crystalline restructuring. “Theoretically it might work.”

Kirk ordered the ship sat down in Golden Gate Park and began their risky tasks.

Kirk and Spock find two humpback whales named George and Gracie at the Cetacean Institute in Sausalito. They meet Dr. Gillian Taylor, assistant director of the Maritime Cetacean Institute as they discover their whales.

Captain Kirk ans Mr. Spock in San Fransisco

Captain Kirk and Mr. Spock in San Francisco

Mr. Scott and Dr. McCoy search for a large piece of transparent aluminum to use to construct the enormous aquarium. They discovered Plexicorp.  Meanwhile, Mr. Sulu finds a helicopter to transport the sheet of aluminum.  Mr. Scott discovers that Dr. Nichols, the plant manager at Plexicorp, still uses polymers. He shrewdly offers Dr. Nichols a trade.  He offers him  the formula for transparent aluminum in exchange for a large, six inch thick sheet of plexiglass.  Dr. Nichols gladly excepts the offer. Mr. Sulu transports the plexiglass to the ship.

Uhura and Chekov go to a naval base in Alameda in search of the photons. They discover a nuclear powered naval vessel named “U.S.S. Enterprise.”  They gather the high-energy photons.  Uhura is beamed back to the ship with the photons. Mr. Chekov is captured. During the capture, he is critically injured. He is transported to Mercy Hospital in the Mission District for emergency surgery. His condition is grave.

In a daring rescue, Admiral Kirk, Dr. McCoy, and Dr. Gillian Taylor go under cover as surgeons to find Mr. Chekov.  In a splendid moment of kindness and compassion, Dr. McCoy cures a woman that is receiving kidney dialysis while on his way to finding Chekov.  The team finds Chekov as he is being prepared for surgery.  Dr. McCoy  repairs the damaged artery in his brain.  As they race to escape they are beamed back to the Golden Gate Park next to their ship.  Dr. Taylor gives Kirk the radio frequency for the whales, 401 megahertz. She then tricks him and is beamed inside along with Admiral Kirk.

Kirk gives the order and they peruse the whales in open ocean. Mr. Scott beams George and Gracie aboard while saving them from whale hunters.

Mr. Scott beams up George and Gracy The Humpback Whales

George and Gracie The Humpback Whales are Beamed Aboard

With the crystalline restructured dilithium crystals, and George and Gracie, they gain speed and sling shot around the sun again. They go into time warp.

As they awake from the warp, the probe renders their ship powerless.  They fly uncontrolled into San Francisco bay.

Spock evacuates the crew as Admiral Kirk swims under water to open a hatch thus freeing himself and George and Gracie.  He and the whales escape.

George and Gracie communicate with the probe.  They quickly finish their chat. The probe stops the transmissions and begins to leave.

Earth quickly begins to recover as George and Gracie journey to open ocean.

The movie ends with Admiral Kirk and crew answering for their crimes against Starfleet. All charges are dropped except for Admiral Kirk. Disobeying Starfleet orders was the final charge.  For punishment, Admiral Kirk is reduced to Captain. He is given the new U.S.S. Enterprise to command.

The movie ends.

I hope you enjoyed my review of  Star Trek IV –  The Voyage Home. This is a very interesting, unique, and well written movie.

Tell we talk again.

“May good fortune guide your path”   J. A. Ireland

STAR TREK Movie Review


I have another Star Trek movie review. This movie entitled   “Star Trek” is a restart of the series when the characters are young and the enterprise is new. This is their first voyage.

The movie begins with the antagonists, Captain Nero and his scary, claw and tentacle-like space ship coming out of a black hole. Captain Nero immediately attacks the U.S.S. Kelvin that is nearby and cripples it.


The Revenge Driven Mad Captain Nero

After crippling the Kelvin, he orders the Kelvin’s Captain to beam on board his vessel. Nero is searching for Ambassador Spock.  As Lieutenant George Kirk assumes command of the Kelvin, Captain Nero kills the former captain due to his unwillingness to reveal the whereabouts of Spock.

The acting U.S.S. Kelvin Captain, George Kirk orders, “General Order 13.   Evacuate the ship!”  As the evacuation is taking place, acting Captain George Kirk flies the Kelvin into Nero’s ship, severely damaging it, all while George Kirk’s wife delivers their son, James Tiberius Kirk.

Then the movie switches to Iowa and James T. Kirk the young daredevil and rebel, followed by a young Spock on Vulcan.  We get a glimpse into their youth.

The movie jumps to Captain Pike as he recruits the defiant and rebellious James Kirk for his crew on the newly constructed U.S.S. Enterprise.  We see the assembly of the enterprise crew.  We meet Jim Kirk, Leonard Mc. Coy (Bones), Nyota Uhura, and the very egotistical Spock.

Captain Nero reappears.  He is still searching for Ambassador Spock.  He wants Spock to watch as he destroys Vulcan.  He believes that Spock was responsible for the destruction of his home planet, Romula.

As Nero begins to carry out his plan, he causes a lighten storm in space.  This storm is detected by Starfleet and the enterprise is called into action. The new ship and new crew warp to Vulcan.

Nero's ship

Captain Nero’s Creepy   Menacing  Claw-Like  Space Ship

Captain Nero drills a hole in Vulcan and drops the red matter into the core of the planet. The red matter causes a black hole to form in the center of Vulcan. The black hole consumes the planet from the inside as both, the new and old Spock watch.

Nero has taken Captain Pike prisoner and puts a Centaurian Slug in him. It attaches to his brain stem and releases a toxin to force him to answer his questions.  This happens as he targets and peruses earth.

The conflict on board the enterprise begins. Under the encouragement of the older Ambassador Spock, Jim Kirk battles acting Captain Spock for command of the Enterprise. Once Jim Kirk has established his role as acting captain, he orders the enterprise turned around as they peruse Captain Nero.

The newly humbled Spock rejoins Captain Kirk as his first officer. Together, they carry out a surprise attack on Nero’s ship. As Spock disables the drill that is drilling into Earth’s crusts, Kirk battles Nero and rescues the now crippled Captain Pike.

In retaliation for Spock disabling his drill, Captain Nero tries to kill Spock even though Spock is carrying red matter. Spock crashes his ship into Nero’s vessel.  He, Kirk, and Pike are beamed on board the enterprise at the last possible moment.

Captain Kirk fires on Nero’s ship, destroying it as a black hole forms and sucks Nero’s ship into it.  As the enterprise is sucked in as well, Scotty releases charges to explode in space. Upon detonation, the enterprise is hurled away from the black hole.  Once her engines are free of its pull, the enterprise speeds away at maximum warp.


STAR TREK Shipmates United With Captain James T. Kirk

At this moment of triumphant, the crew unites under Captain James T. Kirk’s leadership.

Later at Starfleet, Jim Kirk ceremonially relieves Captain Pike and officially becomes Captain of the U.S.S. Enterprise.

What a great movie. I really like the inner conflict between the crew.  Mr. Spock’s character was quite different in this movie.

Captain Nero played an awesome antagonist.  Revenge is a powerful motive.  I hope you enjoy my review.

Tell we talk again.

May good fortune guide your path,  J. A. Ireland

Movie Review – The Lord of the Rings — The Fellowship of the Ring


I have a fantasy adventure movie review. The Lord of the Rings. The Fellowship of the ring.

Dark Lord Sauron

Dark Lord Sauron

A great battle for middle earth was fought at Mount Doom. Sauron was defeated. The ring was lost for 2500 years.

The ring was found by Gollum. He took it into the Misty Mountains. There, it consumed him and brought him an unnatural long life. For 500 years, the ring poisoned his mind and body.  Then it abandoned Gollum and a hobbit named Bilbo Baggins of the Shire found it.  He kept it for 60 years.  Then it begins to change him.

The ring was given to Frodo Baggins as the story begins.
Soon, Frodo learns of his troubling destiny, to return the ring back to the land of Mordor from which it came. He along with his friends, Samwise (Sam ) Gamgee, Meriadoc (Merry) Brandybuck, and Peregrin (Pippin ) Took, begin the journey to Mordor.
Along their journey, they are joined by Gandalf, Aragon ( Strider ), Boromir, Gimli, and Legolas( Master Elf) the elf archer. Together they form the fellowship of the ring.

The nine in fellowship begin their journey to Mordor to drop the ring into the fires of Mount Doom from which it was formed.
Along their journey, they pass through the Pass of Caradhras.  The evil wizard Saruman uses his powers to defeat them on the mountain.

Balrog Demon from Ancient World

Balrog Demon from Ancient World

They  leave the mountain and travel through the Mines of Moria where they battle the Orcs, a cave-troll, and a Balrog, a demon from the ancient world. Gandalf is dragged into the underworld by the Balrog.

Saruman sends the Orcs to capture them. The Orcs capture Merry and Pippin. They kill Boromir.  Frodo sets out on his own to take the ring to Mordor. Sam follows.  Aragon, Gimli, and Legolas, the master elf, peruse Merry and Pippin to free them from the Orcs.

That is where the movie ends. The Lord of the Rings is a great movie with spectacular scenery and special effects. I hope you enjoyed my review.

Till we talk again.

“May good fortune guide your path”   J.A. Ireland

The Incredible Hulk



Scifi friends,

I wrote a review of one of my favorite action, mutation movies.

The Incredible Hulk.

The movie begins as Bruce Banner gives himself a dose of Gamma Radiation.  He focuses the beam of radiation into his brain while in the Laboratory at Culver University in Virginia.  He has an immediate and startling reaction to the gamma radiation.  He mutates into a green, ginormous, and hulking monster with massive strength.  In a rampage, he destroys the lab and injures his fiancée Dr. Elizabeth Ross and her father General T. Ross.

Later, using Stark Industries Weapons, General Ross peruses the numerous hulk sightings as the media reports them.

The hulk sightings suddenly stop.

As General Ross becomes very frustrated, five months go be without a hulk sighting.

The movie switches to Rocinha Favela, Brazil.

It has been 158 days since Dr. Bruce Banner’s last incident.  He is learning to control his anger.

He is a repair man at Pingo DoCe bottling factory in Porto Verde, Brazil.  A guarana soda becomes contaminated with a drop of his gamma-poisoned blood when he injures himself.  The contaminated guarana soda is shipped to Milwaukee Wisconsin.

Bruce sends a sample of his blood to Mr. Blue in New York City.  Mr. Blue needs more data.

Meanwhile in Arlington Virginia, General T. Ross is at his desk when he receives the report of an unexpected case of gamma poisoning from Milwaukee Wisconsin.  The victim was drinking a bottle of  Pingo DoCe, with guarana kick!  The guarana soda was bottled in the Pingo DoCe factory in Porto Verde, Brazil.  General Ross assembles his team at Fort Johnson in the Everglades.  He gets an Ace.  Emil Blonsky is Russian born  and raised in England. He is on loan to “SOCOM” from the Royal Marines.


General Ross and his team fly from Fort Johnson to Porto Verde, Brazil.  General Ross’ orders, “Tranquilize him and bring him back alive.”

The team attempts to apprehend Banner in the bottling plant.  He transforms into the hulk and escapes.

Banner wakes in Guatemala, Mexico.  He seeks refuge in Chiapas, Mexico.

Meanwhile back at Arlington Virginia, General T. Ross discusses the Infantry Weapons Development Program initiated during WWII with Emil Blonsky.  He further explains the subprogram that was started sometime later, the Bio-Tech Force Enhancement  Program, called “Super Soldier”.  Emil Blonsky agrees to receive the Bio-Tech injections that transform him into a super soldier.

Bruce Banner travels back to Culver University in Virginia. He attempts to retrieve data for Mr. Blue.  He learns that Dr. Elizabeth Ross removed the data and stored it on a zip drive.

General Ross and his team attack Bruce at Culver University campus. General Ross uses Stark Industries Weapons to battle the Hulk.

General Ross orders, “Alpha Team!” The Hulk defeats the alpha team.

“Blonsky, now you’re up!” said General Ross.  Blonsky leads the Hulk into the Stark Industries Cannons.  Hulk defeats the army.

Bruce Banner and Elizabeth Ross go to NYC to visit Mr. Blue.  Mr. Blue induces Bruce into another transformation, which he thwarts.  While Bruce and Elizabeth are at Mr. Blue’s lab, General Ross’ men show up.

The Abomination

The Abomination

Under coercion, Mr. Blue agrees to inject Emil Blonsky with Bruce Banner’s blood.  Blonsky is transformed into an “Abomination.”

In a thrilling final battle in New York City, Hulk defeats the Abomination on the top of a high-rise building.

Following the exciting battle, Hulk flees the city.  He escapes to Bella Coola, British Columbia.  In a remote cabin, Bruce is learning to control the Hulk within him.

The movie ends as Tony Stark approaches General Ross in a pub.  He states, “We are putting together a team.”

The Incredible Hulk is an awesome movie.  The special effects are wonderful.  If you’re a science fiction fan, you will probably enjoy this movie.

May good fortune guide your path.

J.A. Ireland


Tony Stark Presenting the Jericho Missile

Tony Stark Presenting the Jericho Missile

The movie begins in Kunar Province, Afghanistan.  Tony Stark, Forrest, and Jimmy are in a jeep when a missile hits them.  Forrest and Jimmy are killed.  Tony suffers a direct hit from a Stark Industries missile.  The missile’s shrapnel penetrates through his bulletproof vest and lodges in his chest.  His attackers capture him, as he lies bleeding and unconscious in the Afghanistan mountain wilderness.

The movie switches to Las Vegas, 36 hours earlier:

Tony Stark is receiving the Apogee Award.  At the presentation, we learn that Tony is the son of legendary weapons developer Howard Stark.  Howard worked on the Manhattan Project.

Tony graduated summa cum laude from MIT at the age of 17.

Tragically, soon after his graduation, his parents Howard and Maria Stark were in a horrible car crash that killed them both.  Howard Stark’s life-long friend and ally, Obadiah Stane serves as Stark Industries CEO until Tony reaches his 21st year.

As Tony Stark assumes the position of CEO of Stark Industries, the media coverage is powerful.  Toni’s goal is, “Smarter weapons, more advanced robotics, advanced satellite targeting.”  He plans to change the weapons industry.

Stark Industry liaison, Colonel James Rhodes presents Tony with the Apogee Award.  The only problem is that Tony is not there.  His business college, Obadiah Stane accepts the award on his behalf.

At a different location, we are introduced to Christine Everhart from Vanity Fair Magazine.  She calls him, “The Da Vinci of our time, and, the merchant of death.”

The movie switches to Tony’s mansion in Malibu California.  We meet Pepper Potts and his computer, Jarvis.  Together, Pepper and Jarvis operate Tony’s mansion.

In his lab in the basement of his Malibu mansion, he begins work on a new idea.  He begins to build an iron man suit.

Jericho Missile

Jericho Missiles

Later, Tony Stark and Colonel Rhodes fly in Stark Industries jet to Bagram Air Base, Afghanistan.  Tony is making a weapons presentation in the Afghanistan Mountains.  He is demonstrating Stark Industries Freedom Line:  “The Jericho Missile.”

After the impressive and massive demonstration, Tony, Forrest, and Jimmy get into a jeep and begin the drive back to Bagram Air Base.  Soon, a missile attacks them.  The movie goes live as Forrest and Jimmy are killed.  Tony lies on the desert ground bleeding and unconscious.

Tony is taken prisoner by his attackers and held captive in a cave.  Yinsen operates on him and saves his life.  He removes some of the shrapnel that is within Tony’s body.  Some must remain.  Yinsen puts an electromagnet to Tony’s chest that is connected to a car battery.  The electromagnet keeps the shrapnel from penetrating his atrial septum.

As a prisoner, Tony is ordered to build a Jericho missile for his attackers.  Grudgingly, he agrees to build their missile under coercion.  “If he refuses, he dies.”

Tony and Yinsen begin their daunting task.  Unknown to his attackers, first he creates a miniaturized arc reactor.  This reactor will not only serve as an electromagnet to keep the shrapnel from penetrating his atrial septum, it will power his crude iron man suit that he secretly builds instead of the Jericho Missile that the rebels want.  His new arc reactor will generate three gigajoules of power per second.  Yinsen, from Gulmira, helps him build his iron man suit.

The rebels become suspicious.  “You have 24 hours to build my missile or you die.”

Tony and Yinsen work frantically to build the crude iron suit.

Iron Man

Iron Man

As Tony tests the iron suit and escapes, Yinsen is shot numerous times and dies.  We see Tony’s tremendous flame- thrower that he equipped within the suit.  After much gunfire and flame- throwing, Tony, iron man, flies away.

He crashes in the desert.  He abandons his crumbled iron suit and walks on the dunes.  Colonel Rhodes and the military recover him.  The military flies him, via military cargo plane back to America where Pepper Pots is wearisomely waiting.

Later, Agent Phil Coulson, Strategic Homeland Intervention, Enforcement and Logistics Division, approaches Pepper.  She states,”We have been approached by the DOD, the FBI, the CIA….”

In a dramatic announcement with a room full of media, Tony shuts down the weapons manufacturing division of Stark International.

In a tame moment of horror, Pepper replaces Tony’s old miniaturized arc reactor with his newly created and improved miniaturized arc reactor.  “Uh…!” says Pepper as she sticks her hand into Tony’s chest and gets her hand covered in goo.

As Tony begins construction of his new iron man suit, Stark Industries stock plunges 56 ½ points.  After the stock plunge, someone within the company filed an injunction against him, thus locking him out of his own company.

Soon he tests his new iron man suit with a “buzz” around the city.

As Tony continues his work on his new iron suit, he learns that Stark Industries recently sold a large shipment of missiles to a rebel group in Gulmira, his late friend Yinsen’s home.  As Tony confronts Obadiah Stane about the sale, Obadiah informs Tony that he was the one who filed the injunction against him, thus locking him out of his own company after the stocks fell.

Tony flies to Gulmira as iron man and defeats the rebel group that bought his weapons.

We learn that it was Obadiah Stane who paid the rebels to attack Tony and kill him after the weapons demonstration.  Obadiah paid them to kill him, not take him prisoner.

Obadiah begins production on an iron man suit for general sales.  He steals Tony’s new mini arc reactor to power his new, very large, iron man suit.  While in cardiac arrest, Tony struggles and puts his old arc reactor back into his chest.

In an intense and thrilling final battle, the smaller Iron Man, Tony Stark, battles the huge Iron Man, Obadiah Stane.  As the thrilling battle rages, Tony quickly becomes overpowered.  As he is being defeated, he orders, “Pepper, you must overload the reactor and blast the roof.  Go to the central console and open all the circuits.  Then hit the master by-pass button.”

Pepper responded, “You’ll die!”

“Just do it!” orders Tony, “It is the only way.”

Pepper frantically obeys.

As Tony lies in a safe place only feet away on the roof, Obadiah is electrocuted in a giant stream of electricity.  Obadiah bursts into a gigantic fireball.

Later, Colonel Rhodes gives a media report of the incident.  “A robotic prototype malfunctioned and caused damage to the arc reactor, thus causing the explosion.”

Agent Phil Coulson provides Tony with an alibi for the time of the explosion.  “Read the cards word for word Tony,” said Agent Coulson as he smiled.  “Just call us S.H.I.E.L.D.”

“Just stick to the cards,” said Colonel Rhodes his liaison.

Tony stepped to the microphone.  He smiled as he viewed the press.  He stared at his scripted alibi cards.  He cleared his throat.  He began, “I am Iron Man.”

The movie ends.

Iron Man is a great movie. Obadiah is a strong antagonist.  Despite Obadiah’s sabotage, Tony Stark prevails with Pepper Potts help.  Iron Man is also a great concept.  If you prefer high-tech science fiction without horror, Iron Man is a fantastic move.

Until we talk again,

“May good fortune guide your path”

J.A. Ireland

Dark Shadows Movie Review

Barnabis Collins the Vampire

Barnabas Collins the Vampire

I have a horror, vampire movie review for the  vampire fans.

Dark Shadows.

When Maggie Evans was a child, due to her ability to see and talk to ghosts, her family locked her away in Wind Cliff Sanitarium.  We saw her locked into room 2043.  There she received cruel treatment including but not limited to electroshock treatments as she grew from a child into a young adult.

As an early adult, she escaped from the asylum and changed her name to Victoria Winters.  She applied for the advertised governess position at Collinwood.  She applied to be young David Collins governess.

At Collinwood, we meet Elisabeth Collins and her children David Collins, Carolyn Collins.  We meet Elisabeth’s brother Roger Collins and Dr. Julia Hoffman the physiatrists, and Willie the caretaker.  The family has a legacy of witches, ghosts, and vampires.

Next, we see a ghost that warns of Barnabas Collins return.  Angelique Bouchard has imprisoned him in a coffin for 196 years.  Barnabas Collins is a vampire and Angelique Bouchard is a witch.  Angelique put a spell on Barnabas several centuries ago and turned him into the vampire that he is today because he would not love her.

His birthplace and possible transformation sight was Liver pool.

Upon Barnabas’ return, he plans to restore the decrepit Collinwood and the almost ruined family business, Collins Canning Company to their former status and be a part of the family again.  This is against the wishes of Angelique Bouchard and her company, Angle bay Seafood.

He begins his task at the Blue Whale Tavern by putting a spell on Captain Clarney, “The Godfather of the Grand Banks.”  He gets Captain Clarney to discontinue selling his fish to Anglebay Seafood.  He wants to be introduced to the other captains as well.  He wants this favor from Captain Clarney.  He wants to persuade all of the captains in Collin sport to stop selling their fish to Anglebay Seafood.

Dr. Hoffman puts Barnabas under hypnosis and learns his dreaded secret.  She wants to help him.  She takes his blood and secretly puts it into herself to achieve eternal life personally.  When he learns of her devious plot, he bits her and kills her.  He and Willie put her at the bottom of the bay, tied to a cement block.

Angelique Bouchard the Witch who Cursed Barnabas Collins

Angelique Bouchard the Witch who Cursed Barnabas Collins

Once Anglebay Seafood begins to lose business, Angelique offers Barnabas $1,750,000 for Collins Canning Company.  He refuses to sell.

In a show of power, Barnabas throws a huge party at Collinwood.  He hires Alice Cooper for the entertainment.

Barnabas gives Roger Collins a choice, either be a father to David or leave with a large sum of money.  He chooses the latter.  He takes the money and runs.

Barnabas goes to Anglebay Seafood to ask Angie to remove his curse, to make him mortal again.  Angie makes a business deal with him.  Either he agrees to be a lover and partner to her or she will lock him in a coffin again.  He refuses.  She promises Barnabas that she will destroy everything that is important to him.  Then she chains him in a coffin and has him placed into the Collins family mausoleum.

David rescues him after twenty minutes.

Angelique puts a spell on Collins Canning Company that causes the company to explode and burn.  Elisabeth witnesses her company burning from Collinwood.

Angie informs Police Chief Bill that Barnabas killed Dr. Hoffman.  Officer Bill goes to Collinwood in search of Barnabas along with numerous towns’ people.

At Collinwood, the town’s people learn that Angie is a witch.

Angie makes Collinwood bleed and sets the structure on fire.

Carolyn becomes a were wolf.

Angelique confesses, she sent the werewolf that bit Carolyn, she killed David’s mother, and she killed Barnabas’ father and mother.  She felt that Barnabas’ family kept them apart.

David’s mother’s ghost attacks Angie, seriously injuring her as Collinwood burns.  Angie’s curse, she cannot love.  She gives Barnabas her broken heart.  He refuses the gift and Angie dies.

Victoria Winters goes to Widow’s Hill to jump off the cliff.  Barnabas finds her at the cliff.  They both fall together off the cliff.  Barnabas bits her as they fall.  She appears dead in his arms at the bottom of the cliff.

She awakens as Josette, a vampire in his arms at the base of the cliff.  Barnabas’ curse is finally broken.

Dr. Hoffman awakens at the bottom of the bay while still being chained to the cement block as the movie ends.

That was a great vampire movie.  The special effects were awesome.  The many plots were easy to follow.  I really like Barnabas Collins.  If you like science fiction horror and vampires, Dark Shadows is a great choice.  Excellent movie.  I recommend it to everyone.

May good fortune guide your path.

J.A. Ireland